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Precious metals investors worldwide trust NTR Metals’ products and reputation. NTR only mints pure gold and silver bullion (.9999 and .999 fineness, respectively) and unconditionally guarantees the purity, weight and quality thereof.

If you’re a precious metals investor building a physical position in the market and wish to minimize your capital risk, NTR Metals provides easy liquidity for investors when you’re ready to change (or exit) your position.

•    Guaranteed weight – 10 Troy ounces (311 g) of silver
•    Guaranteed purity - .999 fineness
•    Guaranteed liquidity – provided by NTR

Make the smart choice: invest in premium NTR silver bullion and ensure an easy, anytime exit strategy.

SKU 2573
Country United States
Condition New
Purity 999
Obverse NTR Mark - Fineness - Weight
Reverse NTR Mark
Dimensions Length: 90 mm
Width: 52.2 mm
Thickness: 6.6 mm
Metal Weight (ozt) 10.0000
Mint NTR Metals
Insured N/A
Borislav writes:
Fast delivery, excellent customer service, and this bar-lovely and easy to stack, stack on my friends stack on.
Timothy writes:
The first silver purchase I made was this bar. Great looking. Nice weight. Bought two more. This is a great site! Canadian silver and gold coins are a nice touch as well. Everything is packaged and sealed beyond what I expected.
James writes:
Very nice bar. Thick well rounded bar with little $$$ over spot.
Richard writes:
My favourite buy. Good price, good quality, and always hassle-free, discreet, safe and fast service from SGB. Constantly recommending SGB to friends and family. Many orders so far and many more to come!
Matt writes:
Fast delivery. These bars are an excellent size. They stack great, and come in a heavy duty sealed plastic sleeve. I look forward to adding more of these bars from NTR Metals to my collection. Thank you again SILVERGOLDBULL.COM
Jean-Nicolas writes:
You can't go wrong with this NTR bar. So far, it is the cheapest of the lot making it a great investment.
RB writes:
Great Bar. I like the fact it comes sealed in heavy duty plastic. Edges were slightly dinged up. Good looking though and good value.
Chris writes:
Fantastic service and very quick shipping. Just completed my second order of the month and total hooked on this company. I have recommended to a number of friends and they are now buying silver here as well with great results.
Francois writes:
Very satisfied with these 10 oz bars.Quality product.
Dave writes:
10oz NTR silver bars are beautiful, economical, and they stack nice. Because of the PVC packaging they come in they have a layer of protection over them which is also a nice feature. Great product, great price.
Travis writes:
This site and the products offered are perfect! Easy to navigate and the shipping is top notch!! I loved the descreet shipping box and the bullion is beautifull!! Great Experience!!
Captain Canuck writes:
I was able to sell them at spot. I usually buy maple leafs, but it's nice to have a few of these just encase you need some quick cash for an unexpected purchase and need to sell off some of your stake.
Jamie writes:
I've ordered these a few different times, each time I have been so happy with the service, speed of shipping, and the great product. Couldn't be happier!
manniman writes:
Nice bar, I ordered on a Sunday and received my bars on Friday. Great service, great product. Good job SGB!
Old Jame writes:
Super fast, easy payment...will continue to buy
henry writes:
just made my second order (2 bars each order) beautiful bars,. my first order was made on a saturday morning and it arrived that friday.

Uncle-Viper writes:
Everything people are saying above about SGB is true. I can't add anything further. I shall deal with this company again. Highly recommended.
Glen writes:
These bars are awesome, and the service is top notch. Great looking bars, fast shipping, good communication. I'll be ordering more soon, thanks
GM writes:
Just got my 10 oz NTR bars in, they look fantastic! SGB shipped super fast as well. I can't wait to order more. Purchased on Aug 16/11 for $415.89 a bar, before shipping.
GB writes:
Perfection: service, product, price. It's hard to find a company that still has good work ethic like SGB. Follow up was amazing when FedEx didn't find me home, shipped fast, and product is very nice. I have recommended many people who have also bought from SGB and had positive feedback. Thanks to the staff.
Corey writes:
These bars were my first silver purchase ever, I think they are absolutely fantastic, very sleek looking bar! Highly recommended. They also arrived extremely quickly. I am so happy that SGB was recommended to me, and have made a number of purchases from them since this order in June.
Investor writes:
For my first bullion purchase, it went flawless. From the prices to the shipping, it was quite a pleasant experience. I will shop here again. The bars are truly something to admire.
Dennis writes:
Nice bar,once shipped quick to recieve.The customer service is the best of any bullion dealer i've dealt with
brewzr writes:
looks great will not know til soon

Erin writes:
I received my first 10 oz bar from SGBull this morning. Quick delivery, discrete, very nice silver bar. This bar is just as nice as A-mark bars I already have, but the plastic packaging on this NTR bar is far superior. Good product, impressive customer service. A+.
Roarmeister writes:
Thank-you for the extra fast service this time around. With the threat of a postal strike, your attention and speedy delivery is much appreciated. I'll be back next pay day!
Steve writes:
This was my first shopping experience with SGB and I'm very happy with the product and service. It's also way cheaper than Kitco. I bought 2 of these and if silver prices drops again I'm buy 2 more.
SRB writes:
Received my bar on the 28th of May and just wanted to let those new investors in silver out there to know that you must have one of these wonderful bars, Beautiful looking silver bars.
Ice writes:
Great Bar.. feels great in your hand. Nicely packaged and easy to fold a full sheet of ten. This bar is one of my main stores of wealth.
Seth writes:
WOW, what a great buy! I got 2 new NTR Bars from SGB and they came in 10 days after i put the order in.... Fast shipping and great customer service... I well be getting more soon from - I also made a unboxing video and posted it on YouTube - Just becuase i loved them so much and i want to show the world what i got from SGB - Many thanks, to every one at SGB - From Seth C
Ty writes:
first time investing in precious metals, this bar came sealed in a clear sleeve and well protected in a discrete box. Ordered another today and will continue to purchase more.
plug604 writes:
Got 1 of these bars just to hold onto till the end of the year when silver is gonna explode.It came very quickly, packaged really safely and discretely in an unmarked box.Beautiful looking bar.
Adam writes:
I WILL be buying more in the near future! Look awesome are legit and great price. Metals are our future.
David writes:
I am now an avid supporter of my financial freedom and SGB's professionalism. I highly recommend these bars because they are 10oz increments are are easily tradeable and can be liquidated very quick. I appreciate SGB's ongoing selection of fine silver and gold. Keep up the good work!!!
Nathan writes:
I always check every little detail. I tested one of the bars out of my pack. IT WAS REAL! They are very nice bars. I am glad I got them. My only regret is that i did not get more at 401.00 CDN dollars lol! I have never invested before, I feel i have hit the jackpot(:
siriusanubis writes:
WOW!! Thank-you SGB, for your professionalism, and customer courtesy!..can't wait to see the postman again!
Nathan writes:
I bought them at 37 or so dollars an ounce 7 or 8 days ago now their above 43 dollars, here come 8 new bars.....YeAH. Why did my investor at RBC not tell me about this stuff???
GS writes:
Received my first bars. They were well protected in the package. Beautiful addition to my collection. Looking forward to receiving more.
Chris writes:
I just received 2 bars. The delivery was very fast. These bars look great. I have purchased coins in the past, but it's very nice to have some bars that stack neatly in my safe. I will purchase more bars from SGB again. Highly recommend SGB.
alexis writes:
Fantastic looking bars - great value to add to my collection.
Bruce writes:
I received one of these just a week after I placed my order. These 10 oz bars look nice, and 10 ounces is a nice heft and feel. I am buying some rounds for the next while, but I will buy more of these in the future. Thanks SilverGold Bull!
Mostly Michael writes:
A slim 10 troy ounce bar of silver. Elegant and easy to stack.

This bar of silver is one of my favorites.
Dave writes:
wow these ship really fast, in a safe discrete package, great value!!!
Todd writes:
SGB service is fast and consumer oriented. They respond to email questions quickly and ship your order just as fast. The ntr bars are immaculate. Buy them as you can.
DenJo writes:
I purchased my very first 10 bars and was quite impressed by the packaging, taped thoroughly and brown paper wrapped. Excellent service and shipped faster than i thought i was going to receive. Thanks SGB.
Shari writes:
Just received my first bar, looks great no complaints .Will buy more for sure.Thanks

mister bojangles writes:
a pleasant experience
Rob writes:
great, rich looking bars on both sides. stack nicely in your safe and a great show peice to show your freinds. great price for the silver collector! always a good investment for those just starting out. thanks SGB!
Matt writes:
Fast shipping, easy payment, A+ service, Thank you SGB!
stackemhigh writes:
nice bars and fast shipping....get them while you can.
Alfred writes:
Competitively priced, and economical, fast shipping.

My 10oz NTR silver bars were delivered in 5 business days. Thank you SGB!!
Neil writes:
Bars look great, customer service from SGB is outstanding. Keep up the good work, cheers from Vancouver.