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Buy Empty Monster Box for 1 oz & 1.5 oz RCM Silver Coins
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Holds 20 Tubes

These boxes are suitable for 1 oz Maple Leaf Silver Coins, 1 oz Wildlife Series Silver Coins and 1.5 oz Canadian Polar Bear Silver Coins.

SKU 2586
Country United States
Condition New/Used
Dimensions 24.5 cm L x 20.3 cm W x 11.9 cm H
Mint Royal Canadian Mint
Kevin writes:
I use these boxes to store my silver and gold. We know that they are strong enough to hold 500oz packed so they will stand up very well. The stack in the safe quite nice.
Steve writes:
I ordered one of these on my third order, now I realize that was a mistake. I should have ordered one with every order, and that's what I will do on every future order. Strong, stackable, great place to store bullion or coins. Perfect addition to an order, highly recommended.
Justin writes:
Ordered this along with my first roll of silver maples. Must say its very robust, holds the roll tight, also they have tabs and recesses that make them easily stackable. Can't beat it for 3 bucks. Thanks for the great price and product SGB