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Buy Air-Tite Case - 1 oz Silver Coin 39 mm
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Suitable for: - 1 oz Buffalo Silver Round, 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin, 1 oz Incuse Indian Silver Round,  and other 39 mm diameter coins and rounds. Beautiful transparent plastic cases to protect your coins from scratches and tarnish. These cases feature an air tight seal and a flat surface suitable for stacking.

Todd writes:
These are suitable for the vast majority of 1oz rounds, including 1oz copper rounds. The "direct-fit" design also means you don't have to spend anything extra for foam rings to fill up empty space in the capsule.

EVERY round I've got has gone into one of these, to be sure that it stays as perfect as the second I hacked open the box, and we all know that better condition increases resale value. (It's always better to be prepared for the future BEFORE it's here, but not so much "after.")