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Buy Leatherette Coin Display Box - 6 coins
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A beautiful steel case wrapped with black leatherette cover with white interior. This case is suitable for six 1 oz silver coin air-tite cases  (38 mm, 39 mm, 40.6 mm coins - outside diameter of the air-tite cases that will fit into this box is 44.45 mm)

In order to place the air-tite case into the box, place the air-tite case bottom on a flat surface, remove the black insert card from the box, center it over the air-tite case and firmly press the card onto the capsule. Keep your fingers close to the edge of the hole to prevent breaking the card. Keep pressing until the air-tite case bottom is even with the back side of the insert card. 

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Todd writes:
Thanks Earle, I was thinking of doing the exact same. Next order I'll make sure to add this to the pile.
Earle writes:
Purchased this Display Box for my Canadian Wildlife series and it looks amazing.