Once again I ask readers to concentrate as we follow the convoluted world of the Banking Cabal. Let’s start with the basics: the Fed didn’t need to print money.

As I’ve pointed out on many occasions; the Fed is currently counterfeiting a $trillion or so per year in U.S. “money” (for lack of a better word) – in order to buy-up every Treasury in sight. In turn, the purpose of this illegal Ponzi scheme propping-up the U.S. bond market is that the U.S. is already bankrupt.

It’s only by fraudulently driving interest rates down to 0% (and maintaining them there permanently) that the U.S. government can avoid being bankrupted by interest payments on its massive debt. Put another way, if the U.S. was forced to pay even semi-legitimate interest rates on its debt it would be having a worse “debt crisis” than any European nation – except already-destroyed Greece.

So if this latest official money-printing is entirely superfluous to their basic rigging of the U.S. bond market, then why did the Fed announce more money-printing at all? Two reasons: one, because even the media lies can no longer cover up that the U.S. economy is once again collapsing; the Sheep expect their Traitor Leaders to “do something.”

And “do something” they did. The Federal Reserve is going to print up half a trillion dollars per year to buy-up the worst financial feces from the balance sheets of the Wall Street crime syndicate. This fraud-ridden banker-paper is so utterly worthless that Wall Street continues to hide $trillions of it (off-balance sheet).

They can’t even write it off, because the lying bankers are valuing this totally worthless paper in the $trillions – and they would all be forced into immediate bankruptcy (even after the $trillions they have already mooched) if they were forced to value this toxic paper at its real value: $0.

So after four years of allowing this financial feces to fester in the septic tanks known as Wall Street banks; the Fed has announced its Final Solution – buy up every last penny of this financial feces, at 100 cents on the dollar, and at taxpayer expense. But we still haven’t gotten to the punch-line.

Will fully indemnifying Wall Street (at taxpayer expense) for their own fraud do anything to help the U.S. economy? Absolutely nothing. Then what is the real purpose of this money-printing?

By enabling the Wall Street crime syndicate to sell its finanical feces at totally fraudulent prices this will tremendously improve the “financial results” for these fraud-factories. And what does that mean? That the criminal bankers (1/4 of whom are confessed criminals), will steal even more money out of their own companies’ coffers – and call that theft “performance bonuses”.

And now everyone understands QE3. Meanwhile, here are the lies of Bloomberg and a Fed-head on this same subject…


Fed’s Evans Says QE3 Will Make Economy More Resilient


Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans said the central bank’s third round of quantitative easing will help the economy keep growing despite the headwinds from Europe’s debt crisis as well as potential U.S. tax increases and spending cuts…

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