In a world where the Corporate Media seeks to deceive rather than inform, and where markets move on propaganda rather than (actual) fundamentals; this forces investors to change their own approach to digesting “news”.

Since we cannot rely upon our controlled/manipulated markets to consistently reflect real economic fundamentals, we must instead “play detective” – and look for the clues which tell us in which direction the Sheep are about to be led next. Tying this in to previous analysis here, readers know that I have been warning about/expecting one more attempt by the banking cabal to restrain the new, building rally in precious metals.

Today we appear to have been presented with a date for that last opportunity for the banksters: the Federal Reserve's  next meeting at the end of August – where Bloomberg tells us to expect B.S. Bernanke to “disappoint the market” and not announce any more (official) money-printing.

There is nothing surprising in this latest bulletin from Bloomberg. The U.S. propaganda machine dramatically ratcheted-up its degree of lying over the past few weeks. Suddenly numbers which had been terrible in every area (jobs, retail sales, housing) all staged remarkable one-month rebounds.

Regular readers have heard from me before that Bernanke is secretly counterfeiting $1+ trillion in U.S. currency each year; the only possible way that the Treasuries-bubble could be maintained – along with the absurd fantasy-prices on U.S. bonds. So the last thing that Bernanke and the banksters want to do is to have to admit to their money-printing (since they can steal much more effectively by counterfeiting the currency instead).

What this means is that Bernanke will only admit to doing more money-printing if the U.S.’s (phony) official economic statistics get so bad that the Sheep (and the politicians) start whining to the Fed to “do something”. With the collapsing U.S. economy supposedly bouncing-back again according to the latest lies, the Fed-heads now feel no urgency to announce official money-printing.

What does this mean for the precious metals market? It means that (according to what Bloomberg is telling us today) that the Fed will stall on doing any more official money-printing. Meanwhile, if readers have been following the daily anti-gold propaganda; they will have seen the propaganda machine claim again and again that supposedly the entire market “is waiting for the Fed’s next move.”

Thus the Script has been written: on August 31st the bankers will try to drive the precious metals market lower, through “disappointing news" from the mouth of their favorite Liar, Ben Bernanke. This could still possibly change – should some new, horrific development occur in the next week. Barring such a surprise however, we know what the banking cabal will attempt.

Note that this does not mean that the banksters will be successful. Part of the reason we are seeing a rally in the sector today is because they have failed with most of their recent attempts to manipulate the market lower. However, with this next effort there will be much more at stake (stopping an explosive rally in the sector), so we can in turn expect maximum effort to try to reverse the market lower.

Here investors must assess probabilities for themselves (since I lack my own crystal-ball to aid you). If you’re planning another purchase of precious metals in the near future, and you think the bankers can/will be successful in temporarily driving the market lower; then you might want to hold off for a week on that purchase – to see what happens on Friday.

Conversely, if you believe this cabal has (at least temporarily) lost their ability to cap prices; then you would probably be better advised to buy now rather than later. What we know from past experience is that when the bankers try to manipulate the market lower (and fail) that the precious metals market often reacts to such failures by surging higher. The inability of the bankers to restrain prices is the ultimate “bullish indicator” for many of the Big Buyers (and more sophisticated investors).


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