September 15, 2012 11:42:57 AM MDT

The Fraud of Negative Gold/Silver Lease Rates

Experienced precious metals investors are familiar with the topic of “negative lease rates” for gold and silver bullion. However, even novice investors can infer what is being discussed: paying someone to “borrow” gold/silver bullion.

In general, any time we contemplate a situation where lenders are ...

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August 31, 2012 1:38:51 PM MDT

This Week in Precious Metals – August 31st

It’s going to be a somewhat abbreviated edition of This Week in Precious Metals, for the simple reason that I ‘stole most of my own thunder’ with what I published earlier today in my formal commentary.

With price-action finally being “big news” again in the sector, readers can get a blow-by-blow acco...

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August 31, 2012 12:13:42 PM MDT

Bernanke Fails To Move Gold Market Lower

Following the solid gains in the price of gold last week and the much more explosive rise in the price of silver, all expectations (even among normally bearish commentators) were that bullion prices would continue rising this week. That all changed Monday morning, however.

At that point the Corporate...

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August 27, 2012 9:58:43 AM MDT

Market warned about “stimulus disappointment”

In a world where the Corporate Media seeks to deceive rather than inform, and where markets move on propaganda rather than (actual) fundamentals; this forces investors to change their own approach to digesting “news”.

Since we cannot rely upon our controlled/manipulated markets to consistently reflec...

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Regular readers know that I am not a proponent of technical analysis, based upon the simple/obvious fact that most of the (long list of) assumptions on which “T/A” is based are hopelessly invalid.

At the top of that list are “free and open markets” and “perfect information” (for investors). Anyone be...

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August 22, 2012 11:10:47 AM MDT

Gold Supply-Crisis Looms?

The World Gold Council recently released its second quarter statistics on gold “demand and supply trends”. For those not familiar with the WGC, it is an “industry trade group” composed of large-cap gold miners who love bankers.

How much do these mining companies love bankers? So much that they allow ...

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August 16, 2012 10:34:49 AM MDT

Portugal being drained of its gold

This post is about tragedy, but there is also an important life-lesson here. First the tragedy. One of the Corporate carrion-feeders (Bloomberg) describes it nicely:

Gold Runs Out In Lisbon As Price Drop Compounds Money Misery

Understand the dual aspects of the tragedy being presented here. On the one...

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July 31, 2012 7:42:06 PM MDT

GATA Does Some Sleuthing On The BIS

The Bank For International Settlements is most commonly known as “the central bank for central banks”. What it has actually meant (on a practical level) is that the BIS has been the great facilitator of international money-laundering; given its above-the-law status in Switzerland, where its premises...

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In Part I, readers had revealed to them the latest chapter in Western bankers’ newfound love-affair with gold. Indeed, as central banks around the world swap their own paper for gold at the fastest pace in history, it’s quite clear which monetary asset these charlatans really believe is a “barbarous relic.” After bad-mouthing gold for decades (and continuing to get their media trolls to attempt to frighten people away from gold today), we are currently witnessing history’s greatest “bash and buy”.

Both European banking authorities and those in the U.S. are now proposing reclassifying gold as a “Tier 1” financial asset. As was previously noted, this would have the effect of instantly making gold twice as attractive and twice as valuable to all of these large, Western financial institutions. What makes these developments especially interesting at the present time is that they are occurring at the end of another long period of sideways trading in the gold and silver markets.

Throughout this 10+ year bull market, these temporary periods of sideways price-action where the bankers are able to trap gold and silver within trading ranges have preceded the largest/longest rallies over the past decade – where gold and silver prices smash through all previous (nominal) highs. While the bankers are typically the last to notice and understand the consequences of their relentless manipulation, if you hit a dog over the nose with a rolled-up newspaper enough times, eventually the dog will get the message...

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Precious metals commentators (the legitimate ones) are continually striving to tear away the veils of deceit and propaganda, in order to present the global economy (and the world as a whole) in a realistic manner. This, in turn, is done in order to warn people of the grave financial/economic peril which looms ahead of us; thanks to the unholy alliance of unscrupulous bankers and corrupt politicians (and regulators).

It is a frustrating task. It is a fundamental trait of human psychology that most people expect tomorrow to be just like today. Couple that inherent defect in thinking with history’s greatest propaganda-machine, continually blaring to the masses an endless chorus of “don’t worry, be happy”; and the result is as predictable as it is tragic: hordes of lemmings blissfully marching toward the gaping chasm ahead.

This is why we continually look for opportunities to demonstrate how the actions of the duplicitous bankers are entirely contrary to their words, and thus reinforce the reasoning and analysis of commentators like myself. Recall how the bankers and their minions in the ivory towers of academia have spent nearly a century attempting to brainwash the masses into believing the absurd proposition that gold was/is “a barbarous relic”...

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