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Buy 1/10 oz Walking Liberty Silver Round
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In multiples of 50 these rounds will be shipped in a plastic tube

Eliminate your need for Silver Junk bags! No longer do collectors and investors alike need to store those large & bulky bags of circulated coins to fulfill the need for an incremental store of value. Fractional Walking Liberty silver rounds are ideal denominations for trade.

Silver bullion rounds are the perfect way to buy silver. They are easily bought, sold, stacked, stored and counted. We offer mint fresh beautifully struck, .999 Fine Silver rounds. They are hallmark stamped with their exact weight and purity. The Golden State Mint is nationally recognized by silver bullion and coin dealers, making these rounds ideal for first time buyers and seasoned investors.

SKU 2651
Country United States
Condition New/Used
Purity 999
Origin United States
Obverse Walking Liberty - Liberty - In God We Trust
Reverse Golden State Mint - 1/10 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver - Eagle
Diameter 19.2 mm
Average Thickness 1.2 mm
Metal Weight (ozt) 0.1000
Mint Golden State Mint
IRA Eligible Yes
Alex writes:
They are very high quality rounds, which is in line with the high premium. It is really practical to have a quantity of small rounds, but I wouldn't get too many if you're trying to grow your stack fast.
Nick writes:
Just received the roll of fifty that I order and I am very happy with them. The quality of these small rounds is much better than I thought they would be and they look great.
Silverbug writes:
I ordered 485 of these rounds from Silver Gold Bull. First off I'd like to say that their service was FANTASTIC. From start to finish the whole process was very satisfying and much better than a lot of other bullion dealers with which I've dealt (I'll definitely be a repeat buyer).

Now about the rounds: They are a great barter size round. The picture doesn't do it any justice as it looks so much more attractive in real life. Considering the small size, the premium on these rounds are also not that high so it's a pretty good deal over all.

I'm going to be handing a few of these rounds to my little brother every week as his allowance (great way to teach the young ones to save in bullion). The *only* issue I have with the whole process was that one of the rounds that I received was blank on both sides (i.e. it wasn't stamped by the mint). You'd think something like that would be detected before being sent out to the end user. It's still 1/10th of an ounce silver but will be a little harder to trade/sell because it doesn't have any mint hallmarks.

Conclusion: The premium isn't substantially high on these rounds, and because of their low unit price they allow *everyone* to start accumulating silver. I will definitely purchase more of these great rounds in the near future!
Double66s writes:
Nice size and easy to afford, great for bartering with.