Our seasoned system administrators employ industry standard security practices to keep your data secure. We work with McAfee and VeriSign to provide strong SSL and hacker tested assurance.

We don't report your order details to the government.

That's right. Cash payments over $10k however require some basic documentation.

You're in control of your data

We've outlined how and why we collect your information and what your options are for managing it. We might have missed a few things and we'll keep updating this page so you can keep informed of changes.

Information collected during your experience

Web Server

  • Cookies, language, IP address information are saved on our server. We use this information to keep you logged, provide targetted service and improve marketing efforts.


  • Names, emails, telephone numbers, addresses, payment and order information may be stored in our systems. We use this information to enable order placement, payment and fullfillment, newsletter subscription, bookeeping, support, marketing and easier re-ordering.

Sales and Support

  • Emails and voice call details may be stored in our systems. We use this information to provide timely service, improve training, quality and operations.

Options for your personal information

Update your information

We will be help you update the information you have stored with us at anytime.

Our trusted partners

In order to provide consistent, quality and innovative service, we share information in confidence with a group of trusted firms for payment processing, developing, operations, sales/support and marketing.


  • In order to serve relevant ads, Google may place cookies or anonymous identifiers (see more on anonymous identifiers here) in your browser or on your device to understand the types of pages visited, content that you viewed or applications on your mobile device. Based on this information and/or anonymized partner data, Google associates your cookies or anonymous identifiers with relevant interest categories and uses these categories to show interest-based ads.  Google also allows advertisers (including Google) to show you ads based on your previous interactions online or in applications, such as visits to advertisers’ websites or applications. Google's ad serving technology does not allow advertisers to target individual users, so if you are seeing a Google ad for SilverGoldBull.com on a website outside of Google Search or their Search Partner Network (i.e. you did not directly perform a search), your Google advertising cookie likely contains a category of web users that we are targeting ads to.  If you prefer not to receive interest-based advertising in web browsers, you can always click the “Opt out” button on the Google Ads Preferences Manager. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, as we can use it to adjust our ad serving strategy and provide a better experience for our users.
  • To opt-out from ConversionRuler marketing please click here and follow the instructions.
  • To opt-out from VisualWebsiteOptimizer click here. (VisualWebsiteOptimizer may make certain blocks you are used to seeing disappear and get them replaced with a different block (e.g. homepage World News block)