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Buy 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar
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These attractive silver bars produced by Sunshine Minting are an excellent investment opportunity.  Purity is guaranteed at .999.

The reverse of the bar features the pattern of Sunshine Minting logo backgrounds. The circle in the middle is the SMI "MintMark SI™" security feature that will be incorporated into the reverse of every new SMI branded bullion product. While it is not visible to the naked eye, when viewed through unique decoding lens, the security feature becomes visible.

The obverse features the Sunshine Minting logo with the company name, purity and weight.

SKU 2844
Country United States
Condition New
Purity 999
Origin United States
Obverse Sunshine Minting logo - .999 Fine Silver - 100 Ounces
Reverse Pattern of partial Sunshine Minting logo designs - Mint Mark SI
Metal Weight (ozt) 100
Mint Sunshine Minting
IRA Eligible Yes
Jake writes:
Serial numbers and security scan mint marking make this the safest 100 oz Ag bar to go with. They're extremely well made. This beast looks nicer than the pressed Johnson Matthy bars, which are selling for $25 more than these SMI ones. The side with the eagle is slightly bigger, giving it that classic tapered elongated trapezoid shape common with heavier bullion for ease of lifting. The angle is very subtle, not as much as an Engelhard or NTR. To sum up this review, I like it more than the shinier sealed SMI 1 & 10 oz bars and I would not at all be surprised they fetch a premium one day if production ceases.
Mahdi writes:
Absolutely amazing. The feeling of having real wealth and security in your hand. If the look of this bar doesn't reassure you then the weight will. This thing is HEAVY! Great for consolidating your wealth out of cash and protecting against inflation.
Warren writes:
Stunning! I just found my new favorite 100 oz bar. I've purchased a few different bars to date and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Excellent craftsmanship.