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Buy 100 oz RCM Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar
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 A beautifully formed 100 oz Silver Bullion Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint with a 9999 purity.

SKU 2592
Country Canada
Condition New/Used
Purity 9999
Origin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Obverse RCM, Year, Serial, Weight, Purity
Reverse Blank
Dimensions Length: 184 mm
Width: 81 mm
Thickness: 20.2 mm
Metal Weight (ozt) 100.0000
Mint Royal Canadian Mint
IRA Eligible Yes
Nolan writes:
Very happy with my 100 Oz bar! Must buy mmoorreee!!
david writes:
Beautiful 100oz bar. Purity is the best on the market. Very happy with my rcm pure silver bar. Will surely buy more
Paris writes:
This is one heckuva piece of Silver. To hold & heft it in your hands is very exciting. It feels like pure distilled wealth. I look very much forward to buying another as I don't want the one I have now to be lonely in the bank's safety deposit box.
Mahdi writes:
Purchased 3 of these on my first selection of this type of bar. I'm extremely happy with the size, weight and quality of this bar. It's a very clean looking bar with not too many designs but has a nice shine too, it projects the symbol of wealth. I even received 2014 minted bars. Very well respected and looks amazing in a stack.
pat writes:
Just received one today.. Used but no matter.. A whole weight of shiny stuff in your hand can't be beat. Especially when it comes in at 100oz. Makes the 5oz bars seem comical.
Solid and pure !
David writes:
I agree with reviewer Trent. The wealth factor is present with this bar. It is smooth, shiny, heavy, and has highest purity of any other investment silver bar at this time (2013).

It has a unique feature in having the year laser etched on it. This allows some historic sense as to when your bar was made, and some idea where it has been.

Serial numbers appear to be consecutive, as when i buy multiples, they are very close together. This also gives you an idea how many bars like this one are out there.

I think this is a great bar, particularly because it is minted in Canada, and bought from a Canadian distribution firm.
NEETZEE writes:
WOW! If your a stacker you have to add one of these to the pile! Amazing piece of Silver. It will be a cornerstone to anyone's collection. If you don't hold it, You don't own it!! Get Stackin.
Trent writes:
This bar has the wow factor, very solid sign of wealth. 100ozs feels heavy in the hand. Nice and well respected bar.
Mike N writes:
These are the best bars to hold for investment in my opinion. This is not only because the Royal Canadian Mint is recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality, but also because they fetch a premium when selling on account of their purity. The 9999 purity of RCM silver is the purest available in the bullion market today and the obvious choice for the discerning investor.
len writes:
thanks really nice bar.
want more