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These attractive silver bars produced by Sunshine Minting are an excellent investment opportunity.  Purity is guaranteed at .999.

The reverse of the bar features the pattern of Sunshine Minting logo backgrounds. The circle in the middle is the SMI "MintMark SI™" security feature that will be incorporated into the reverse of every new SMI branded bullion product. While it is not visible to the naked eye, when viewed through unique decoding lens, the security feature becomes visible.

The obverse features the Sunshine Minting logo with the company name, purity and weight.

SKU 2751
Country United States
Condition New
Purity 999
Origin United States
Obverse Sunshine Minting logo - .999 Fine Silver - 1 Ounce
Reverse Pattern of partial Sunhsine Minting logo designs - Mint Mark SI
Metal Weight (ozt) 1
Mint Sunshine Minting
IRA Eligible Yes
Yi writes:
Beautiful bars.
Vuth writes:
I own 22 of these bars. 2 of them I took out of the seal and popped in an Air-Tite bar case. I left the other 20 in the sheet in came in but you can individually tear them from the sheet which I did and just stacked them together with a rubber band holding it to make storage a little cleaner. I am contemplating on taking them out of the seals so I can put them in the tube I have made for bars. Just wondering if reselling these unsealed will lose some premium. Also I wish there was a serial number or date in that blank space.
Richard writes:
Have bought a few hundred of these so far. Nice quality, low premium, security feature, respected mint, come in sealed sheets of 20 with enough space between them to fold up into small bricks... Very stack-worthy product. Just get those ounces piled up!
Mike writes:
Just bought 100 of these, impressed with the product, SGB, and delivery in 3 days. I also bought the 5 oz bar, I love it even more and has a nice solid feel to it, waiting on the 10 oz, then I'll decide which to load up on. Top notch site, highly recommend.
Kyle writes:
These bars look great and the individual packaging is perfect for keeping them in good condition. I will definitely order more.
Chad writes:
Great one ounce bar, I also like them better than the round. I bought 40 and they come sealed in flat sheets of 20. I will buy more soon. I alternate between maples and these bars. They are very shiny and hopefully stay that way in the plastic. Keep up the good work SGB. easy to buy here and no worries
James writes:
Love these bars. They come in thick plastic sleeves. Beautiful quality and as always the service and price are excellent.
Joe writes:
Easy to use website. No limits on ordering like other sites. Very fast insured shipping. Great selection. Excellent quality products.
Mark writes:
This is a beautiful bar, more so than I expected it to be. Each bar is packaged in an air tight plastic sheet. The security holographic feature that requires a decoder eliminates the risks of counterfeiters. It looks slightly unfinished due to the blank bar on the bottom front. This product along with the Sunshine coins are the best value for stacking i.e. low premiums for high quality and beauty. I am investing big in this mint.
david writes:
Great 1 Oz bars .. love em
John writes:
very happy with these bars will buy again soon if you have the money and looking to buy silver these are good quality bars and SGB have great service
Otto writes:
Great quality and excellent customer service from SGB, will be ordering more.
Hans writes:
Bought 10 and they came sealed in plastic. Beautifull silverbar. Now im planning to buy some more. I love the security feature. Silvergoldbull.com is a great place for me to buy my PM. Fast shipping even to Greenland.
Ryan writes:
Great value and good looking product. Plastic sleeve is thinner than what the JM's come in but still acceptable.
Sahan writes:
they come individually sealed in a sheet, so air tights are not needed! bought 100 a month or so ago, and bought another 200 yesterday... if that doesn't tell you what i think about them.... just go for it, it's a great product.
Justin writes:
High quality product. It met all my expectations. Overall I was very happy about my purchase! SGB is now my premier gold/silver seller! Very happy!
jason writes:
very nice very fast and a great price
Jake writes:
These are higher in quality than their rounds. They come individually sealed in proof-like condition and they've never had the milkspotting you might get with the tubes of twenty rounds. Factor in the lower premium and security scan feature and you have a winner. I heard rumors than SMI was running low on Ag to mint; I hope it's all hearsay.
Darren writes:
Good value, cool looking bars!
Matthew writes:
SGB kept me up to date and in the loop with shipping. All items arrived well packed. A tracking number was provided so that I could follow the delivery after SBP took care of everything on their end.

Silver wafers came as described and have a shiny proof look to them. I ordered with the air-tite cases which seem kind of flimsy and not so air tight but time will tell. Next time I would pass on the cases as they seem to be put in by hand and there were small marks on them. Not worth the money in my opinion.

4.5 / 5

Recommend SGB: Yes
Recommend product: Yes

Diane writes:
I recently purchase 40 of these babies and they are SWEET. Nice and shiny brand new looking!
I will be buying more in the future, for sure.
Keep up the good work SGB
Pat writes:
Great looking bars, Shipping was fast and fedex keeps you informed with up to date emails on your package. A+ Service from SGB
Bullhammer writes:
I have purchased 40 of these great looking bars this year and plan on buying more asap, they look awesome in sheets of 20, I plan on buying more so I can knit a new comfortor out of them...lol