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Time To Diversify: Gold Is A Safe Haven For Bitcoin Wealth

You wouldn’t be alone if you were skeptical of market watchers predicting Bitcoin’s collapse. Investment analysts have been predicting a crash for months, at least since Bitcoin hit $2,900. But the cryptocurrency’s volatility should be a major concern for any investor who doesn’t want to see their new fortune vanish in a matter of days. In early November, it shed $1400, or 20 percent of its value, before striking upward again. Anyone who’s invested long enough knows that a meteoric rise like this one is a bubble, and eventually, it’s going to pop.

Bitcoin has changed the markets and after this record performance, it’s likely going to remain a prominent part of any investment portfolio, but bubbles like this aren’t new. In fact, they go back as far as the 1600s, when the Dutch began to speculate on tulip bulbs, ruining hundreds of wealthy families when the market collapsed. From the South Sea Bubble to the Dot-com Crash, sudden speculative rises in value are inevitably followed by a crash.

When stock market investors need a safe haven for their wealth ahead of a crash, they invest in silver and gold online by buying bullion. Gold has long been seen as one of the most reliable investments for saving money. It has intrinsic value and growth, and ever since it’s been traded freely in the 1970s, it’s proven itself to be a safe place for your money while inflation erodes the value of the dollar. In 1978, it would have cost about 200 ounces of gold to buy an average house. Today, that ratio is roughly the same. Over the last 30 years, gold experienced a major rise in value in the late aughts, up from about $500 in 1988 to over $1,800 in 2011. Today, it’s stabilized around $1,300. That’s the kind of long-term wealth preservation gold investor have in mind; it’s safe even from the erosion of time.

If you’re not ready to stop growing your windfall, learn how to buy silver online and how to make the most of short-term price fluctuations. Like Bitcoin, silver has a lot of price volatility, but for the last several years, the price has always between around $13 and $20 USD per ounce of silver. It also has a high growth potential, with precious metal investors saying it’s grossly undervalued, which makes it a popular investment choice among Silver Gold Bull customers.

Diversifying your portfolio is all about protecting yourself from risks, and while Bitcoin has made many fortunes by now, over-exposing yourself to the cryptocurrency is a recipe for ruin. Investment advisers suggest that a diverse portfolio should be anywhere from 10 to 20 percent gold and silver, depending on the market. Before you buy gold and silver bars and coins from us at Silver Gold Bull, talk to an advisor about protecting your wealth. Gold and silver have been safe havens for thousands of years. If you’re feeling edgy about Bitcoin, high net worth investors are also assigned an account executive at Silver Gold Bull who can talk to you about your goals with gold and silver. You can also buy gold di rectly with Bitcoin -- no need to change it into cash.

Check out our collection of silver bars and coins if you’re ready to diversify. Gold and silver can protect your wealth and keep it growing. Don’t lose it all with a gamble; now that you’ve made your fortune, it’s time to become a smarter investor.

December 28, 2017
Author: Silver Gold Bull