I’m going to do something a little different on the Blog today, and instead of distributing information (and my own long-winded opinions) I’m going to solicit some information.

We’ve had some fairly robust discussions in the “comments” space provided here. So in one of the “bull sessions” which we have here at Silver Gold Bull, the suggestion came up that maybe we should provide some sort of formal opportunity for “Q & A” for the users/readers of this Blog.

For those who can find the time, in the comments space below let us know if you would like to see us set up some sort of Q & A format here at Silver Gold Bull. And for those of you who would like to see this; we’d also be interested in one more opinion. As readers, would you like to see such a Q & A limited to questions which (more or less) directly relate to precious metals; or would you also want to see more general inquiries, such as questions about our rapidly deteriorating economies?

We greatly appreciate your feedback and participation!   :) 

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Jeff Nielson