Regular readers will note that when I parrot the propaganda distributed by the mainstream media that Bloomberg is my most frequent example. I find Bloomberg’s content to be especially illustrative since (to me at least) they seem to be the most transparent, and “on message” with the content of their own propaganda.

We have a perfect illustration of that this morning, beginning with a Bloomberg headline which reads:


America Proves Nothing Like Europe As Joblessness Dips

The problem with that headline is that it is a bold-faced lie. In the most recent U.S. monthly jobs report, the official (short-term) unemployment rate went up – not down. Meanwhile, as I indicated in my own previous analysis of the July U.S. jobs-report, the supposed “160,000 jobs gained” that month were literally a complete fabrication.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics admitted it made a huge “seasonal adjustment” based upon expected lay-offs in the auto sector which never occurred. Added to that was another 52,000 fantasy-jobs from its fraudulent “birth/death model”. How do I know all the birth/death jobs are fraudulent? Because at the end of every year the BLS publishes a report where it subtracts all of those jobs (retroactively). It is literally just “statistical padding”, based on an analytical model with zero validity.

Subtract all of the fantasy-jobs and the July jobs report would have been a significant negative number – i.e. the U.S. economy lost jobs last month. At the same time, weekly lay-off numbers have been trending higher not lower over the past few months.

How does Bloomberg justify its farcical headline? In the great tradition of propaganda, it “cherry-picks” its data. In other words, with the literally dozens of “employment statistics” generated by the U.S.’s statistical liars each month; they will almost always find at least one or two of those numbers bouncing up, not down – especially since the rates of change in many of these number are less than their margin of error.

Further evidence of the obvious deceptiveness of this piece is seen when we see Bloomberg lead its story off with an anecdote – the weakest form of “evidence” in any logical argument. Why is anecdotal evidence of such little significance? It’s all in the numbers.

In a population of more than 300 million, what does a reader “learn” in reading about one person who got a job? Nothing. Because with the smallest of all data samples (i.e. one), we can never know if the anecdote represents a trend or an anomaly. However, anecdotes have wonderful dramatic impact on the minds of unsophisticated readers, and so a propaganda machine will inevitably load up its “news” with such deceptive trivia.

In this particular case, Bloomberg opens the article with an anecdote about a bus driver who just secured a “$10,000-a-year-job”. Later on, we see why Bloomberg had problems finding any of the long-term unemployed who had actually gotten a decent job:


Workers have become less selective after [unemployment] benefits of as much as 23 months expire. Fifty-four percent of the long-tenured unemployed have had to settle for lower wages to secure another job, according to a Labor Department report released Aug.24. One in three said their compensation was at least 20 percent below what they made at previous employers. [emphasis mine]


After refusing to even mention that the headline unemployment rate went up in the U.S. last month, it notes that even the “prediction” for August is that there will be no improvement. So, in fact there is zero evidence that “joblessness has dipped” in the U.S. – merely the cherry-picking of obscure statistics showing the tiniest of improvements.

Looking at the chart of the U.S. “civilian participation rate”, we also see there has been no longer-term improvement of any kind – instead the opposite. The percentage of Americans in the current population who are working is at a 30-year low. And yet the propagandists tell us that “joblessness” has declined.

With the BLS’ August jobs report now only two days away, today’s effort by Bloomberg was merely a warm-up for the industrial-scale lying which will take place on Friday.

More generally, we see the Big Lie which the propaganda machine has been broadcasting for the last 3 years: the U.S. “is nothing like Europe”. That bigger lie is equally fictional, as can be seen in a recent, previous commentary: “Rebutting the Recovery”.



America Proves Nothing Like Europe As Joblessness Dips


James Ensley of Rocky Face, Georgia, took a $10,000-a-year job last month as a school-bus driver after almost two years of unemployment benefits ran out. While that’s a third of his prior pay as a warehouse manager, the father of two says he’s content… [emphasis mine]

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