Some people find my use of the phrase “propaganda machine” offensive. However, we see example after example where the Corporate Media simply perverts the actual news into a banker-friendly agenda which is so obvious it cannot possibly be passed off as “objective reporting.”

As I’ve explained on many occasions, printing money dilutes the value of all money in the same way that diluting anything else in the universe also dilutes its value. The absurd pretension (never with any explanation offered) that printing paper money is somehow an exception to the universal principle of dilution is beyond absurd.

Thus we begin our analysis with the tautological premise that printing money dilutes the value of all money, causing prices to rise (for the same goods) because every currency-unit is worth less (and ultimately worthless). Meanwhile, in the fantasy-world of the Corporate Media; how is this phenomenon being described?

Commodities prices are rising not as a direct cause-and-effect relationship of the latest money-printing, but because “speculators” are placing large bets. The bankers’ 100% culpability in driving prices higher – while wages remain stagnant – is never acknowledged by the propaganda machine.

There is a very good reason for this. With prices rising while wages remain stagnant; this means that the bankers’ money-printing is directly and rapidly driving-down the standard of living of everyone – except the Fat Cats on top; who hand themselves wage increases of such enormous magnitude that they can still prosper even during the banksters’ relentless inflation.

Of course regular readers will have seen me abbreviate this entire money-printing scam dramatically, down to a single word. With those on top getting richer and richer while everyone else gets poorer and poorer, what the bankers (and Oligarchs) are really doing with all this money-printing is simply stealing.


Bullish Wagers at 16-Month High as Citi Sees Gains: Commodities

Bullish commodity wagers rose to a 16-month high just before the Federal Reserve’s pledge of more stimulus drove prices to a seventh weekly advance and banks from HSBC Holdings Plc to Citigroup Inc. forecase more gains…

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