Just days after HSBC issued a public apology for being yet another Western Big-Bank involved in serial money-laundering, we are being told that a senior banker for HSBC has jumped to his death in an apparent suicide. The problem is that the whole story is preposterous.

Note in the report in The Telegraph how Michael Foreman disappeared a full day before his supposed suicide. In other words, what is clearly being implied by the propaganda machine was that this was a premeditated suicide. And it is here that we see the “facts” of this alleged suicide fall apart.

As a matter of elementary logic, anyone who suddenly “disappears” in order to carry out a premeditated suicide will always bring along the means of their own demise – generally either a hand-gun or a bottle of pills. As a matter of basic psychology, people engaging in premeditated suicide will also plan a quick and/or painless method of taking their own life.

Conversely, jumping off a building in order to commit suicide is exclusively a spontaneous means of killing one’s self. People planning their suicide in advance do not deliberately choose a particularly slow-and-horrible way of dying: falling 100 floors before going “splat” on the pavement below. Yet what we are supposed to believe is that this happy/successful banker spent a full day pondering his own suicide, and then after deciding to kill himself he re-emerges in public to take an elevator to the top of a 100-storey building just so that he can jump off and die a slow-and-horrible death.

Spontaneous acts of suicide (which this is not) are almost inevitably the byproduct of some sudden/traumatic loss, or extreme feelings of guilt/remorse. Yet here we have no reports of any trauma in this banker’s life, and we know that he wasn’t experiencing any significant feelings of guilt/remorse for two reasons.

First, his own friends observed no signs of any suspicious/abnormal behavior, and secondly he had been an HSBC banker for 30 years, making him (apparently) incapable of feelings of guilt/remorse. We see this lack of remorse regularly when we watch these bankers walk away with their multi-million dollar Golden Parachutes after being caught committing some gigantic crime. The latest example being the Barclay’s banker who confessed to being one of the perpetrators of the $350 trillion LIBOR-fraud – and then walked away smiling, with a cheque for more than £8 million in his back-pocket.

We are told by The Telegraph that the London police “are not treating the incident as suspicious”. Apparently the London police department has never had to deal with a suicide before…and of course now we will only be able to speculate on the secrets that he took with him to his grave.


Tate Modern death fall man ‘was senior HSBC banker’


Michael Foreman, 48, fell from a fifth-floor balcony in the members’ bar area of the gallery on the South Bank last Tuesday evening.

The banker, who lived in Grays, Essex, with his wife Janet, was reported missing the day before he died…

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