When you belong to a small cabal which has stolen more in a few short years than all the rest of our entire species, throughout all of history, combined; you learn to “think big” – and apparently “dream big” as well. This is the only possible reason which I can come up with for the trial-balloon floated by the banker-mouthpieces of Bloomberg. The fantasy? That the world would tolerate up to five more years of LIBOR fraud.

For those who have somehow remained oblivious to History’s largest financial scandal, and History’s single-largest crime; here’s a brief summary. The most commonly-used global interest rate is known as the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate, or LIBOR. It is the basis for (according to the banksters) up to $500 trillion in global commerce.

Given that the entire global economy is only $60 trillion in size (by GDP), obviously most of the LIBOR-based transations are in the banksters’ own $1.5 quadrillion (rigged) casino – the derivatives market.

But what is LIBOR? It is an interest rate which is (supposedly) the average produced by an anonymous survey of History’s worst thieves – the Western banking cabal. And should it ever occur to History’s worst thieves to lie (heaven forbid!), then they could rig this whole “market” of global, financial transactions, and pocket a “cut” for themselves.

Surprise, surprise! After (in fact) lying about LIBOR, and rigging LIBOR for many years; the Thieves have now been caught. And in the incredibly arrogant manner which has typified the behavior of these Bank Oligarchs; their first argument was that now their fraud itself was “too big to fail.”

The new Principle (of banking) being offered by the Thieves was that if they committed crimes that were large enough that somehow we would be “forced” to let them continue that crime – apparently forever. When that approach didn’t attract much “support” amongst anyone but the Thieves themselves; it was decided they needed to come up with a slightly less grandiose plan for their massive campaign of theft.

Now, according to the parrots at Bloomberg (and the anonymous/mythical “investors” they surveyed), the banksters only want up to five more years to continue looting financial markets with fraud to which they have already confessed.

I frequently refer to the bankers of the Western financial crime syndicate as “psychopaths”. I will now claim to have been totally vindicated with that label.

Only a group of psychopaths could seriously suggest that they be allowed to continue a $500-trillion fraud scheme to which some of those psychopaths had already confessed. And (after that “plan” was rejected) only psychopaths would continue to have the audacity to suggest a (mere) five more years of thievery as their “back-up plan.”

P.S. Those looking for a good laugh should actually read through the piece of propaganda below, and watch the linguistic contortions of Bloomberg as it attempts to gloss over History’s largest crime.


Investors Expect LIBOR to be Replaced Within Five Years


A key interest rate for more than $500 trillion of securities worldwide will be replaced by a benchmark subject to greater governmental control, according to a plurality of global investors…

Confidence in Libor has waned as authorities investigate whether financial firms rigged the rate to profit on derivatives positions…

[Editor’s note: Given that the bankers have already confessed to LIBOR fraud, it is nothing less than deliberate deceit for Bloomberg to refer to this as a mere “investigation.” Equally, to pretend that “confidence” in LIBOR has merely “waned” would be like suggesting that “confidence” in one’s parachute had “waned” – when you pulled the string and nothing happened.]

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Jeff Nielson