There was a very disturbing report from Bloomberg that the same “drought” which has led to a severe plunge in U.S. corn production is now (supposedly) leading to a high risk of a fungus-based toxin contaminating much of this corn. However, this is not the disturbing part.

What made this so disturbing was (coincidentally) a reader just passed along an extremely detailed video documentary of (advanced) U.S. efforts at weather-control, and the enormous body of evidence which accompanied it. The video provides many incontrovertible facts, along with some very persuasive reasoning to go with it.

First the context. Manipulating the weather has long since past the realm of science fiction. So much so that the world already has a global “weather modification treaty” in place (signed by the U.S.); where signatory nations agree not to manipulate the weather of neighbouring nations but can do whatever they want to do to their own climate. In fact, this Treaty was signed back in 1976.

We then learn (out of the mouths of leading scientists) first that the dominant compound used in the cloud-seeding behind weather modification is (toxic) aluminum. We also learn that the aluminum being found in the soil samples in many areas of farmland in the U.S. has recently exploded higher – by as much as 50 times what is safe/normal.

Now here is where it gets spooky. As one of the “undesirable consequences” of weather-modification (poisoning the environment with aluminum apparently doesn’t count); the pro-modification scientists warn of increased risk of fungal infections in crops.

Understand that U.S. weather-modification efforts are (apparently) not a failed effort to prevent a U.S. drought (of epic proportions); but rather a deliberate/successful effort to create a U.S. drought – and devastate the U.S. corn crop. Why would any nation choose to create a drought within its own borders?

No shortage of motives. The easy/obvious one is making money. Know that a drought is one the way, and get on the right side of the bets (early) in the banker-controlled futures markets, and as one commodities-trader in the video put it, the gains are potentially infinite.

For those who tend to look toward more Machiavellian plots (when it comes to the U.S. government); try this one on for size. As this epic drought devastates U.S. corn crops; we have the world’s largest Agriculture Oligarch, Monsanto, trying to sell its brand-new, patented, drought-resistant, genetically-modified corn seeds to every corn-farmer in the U.S.

This is “21st century capitalism” in action…unless one is a believer in multiple coincidences. Readers should also take note that according to Wikipedia, aflatoxins are “among the most carcinogenic substances known.”


U.S. Grain Users Test For Corn Toxin As Drought Spurs Mold

Grain elevators and milk processors are testing for a corn toxin that can be fatal to livestock and cause cancer in humans after the worst Midwest drought in 56 years spurred an increased rosk of contamination.

Iowa, the largest U.S. corn producer, has ordered milk processors…to screen for the toxin in raw milk received at state processing plants beginning tomorrow. Many grain companies are testing every load farmers deliver for the fungal disease that produces aflatoxin…

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