Here is a very interesting news item, and (certainly for American viewers) something which many would consider long overdue. Ron Paul is flexing his political muscles. For the first time that I can recall, he is seeking to use some of the “political capital” he has accumulated as the most-popular grassroots politician in the U.S., during his two media-censored campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination.

Here is what Dr. Paul had to say to the media, Mitt Romney, and the Republican Establishment on the subject of his push to “audit the Fed”:


…“It’s good economics and it’s good legislation, but it’s also good politics, because 80 percent of the American people agree with it…exclude it, [and] I would think some of my supporters would be annoyed and feel strongly enough to take it to the floor under the rules.” [emphasis mine]


Translation: if Romney dares to turn his back on a piece of legislation supported by 80% of all Americans (and likely an even higher percentage of Republicans); he risks sparking a messy revolt within his own party – less than 3 months before Election Day.

What do the banker-lovers at Bloomberg (and the rest of the propaganda-machine) think about this power-play by Ron Paul? We need only look at the Bloomberg headline to the article which quotes Dr. Paul:


Bernanke’s Nightmare Audit Pushed For Romney’s Platform

If you were part of History’s greatest fraud: Western paper fiat currencies; then having some “outsider” actually get a look at your books (the real books), for the first time in 100 years, would certainly be your “nightmare”.

As with all of the mega-frauds in our crime-economies (and the inevitable “campaigns” needed to expose them), we see two simultaneous dynamics. At the same time that more and more people are awakening to the need to scrutinize the actions of the (global) financial crime syndicate, we see the crimes themselves become more and more obvious – if not totally exposed (as with the $350 trillon LIBOR fraud).

The Winds of Change are blowing…


Bernanke’s Nightmare Audit Pushed For Romney’s Platform

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke calls it his “nightmare scenario.” One of Mitt Romney’s top economic advisers called it “trouble.”

Yet as they look to their national convention in Tampa on Aug. 27, Republicans are considering including a plank in their party platform calling for a full audit of the central bank…

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