After seeing this piece of absurd nonsense, I can only assume that the next Bloomberg article I read will be proclaiming the discovery of a “perpetual motion machine”, a “cure” for the common cold, or an honest banker.

How is the reality-defying banking cabal going to fund “unlimited” bond purchases (among a collection of Deadbeat Debtors with no money) without printing vast quantities of new paper? Simple. It’s going to “sterilize” the bond-purchases by removing “from the system the same amount of money it spends.”

Despite how long-winded Bloomberg gets normally when it talks about its favorite reptiles (bankers), here we see Bloomberg somehow ‘forget’ to provide a single detail about how the ECB plans on “removing” €100’s of billions from the system (at a minimum). Let me help out these amnesiacs.

There are only two possible ways of funding these bond purchases without new (net) “money-printing”.


1)      Sell some of the financial feces which the ECB has loaded onto its balance sheet, and off the balance sheets of the fraudulent Big Banks. Neither the ECB or the Federal Reserve has been able to unload a nickle of this worthless paper in over three years, and there is no reason to expect buyers today – just as all these Western economies are once again plummeting downward.

2)      It can simply write-off vast amounts of this worthless paper, something it has also previously refused to do for more than three years. It could then (despite what was previously claimed) print more money to buy these bonds – but still claim not to be engaging in new, net money-printing (because of the write-downs). Note also that these write-offs could (will) create a “cascade effect” which could torpedo (again) the entire Western financial system.


There are absolutely no other possible ways to “sterilize” these bond purchases (as described). And so we see the reason why Bloomberg chose this meaningless euphemism. It was the only way to hide the fact that the ECB banksters are “proposing” something which is mathematically impossible on its surface.

It’s unclear whether this was just some one-day trial balloon from these Liars, or whether they are really going to try to peddle this “plan”. If the latter, then I’ll certainly do a formal commentary on this subject at a later date – and refute this B.S. in greater detail.


ECB Plan Said To Pledge Unlimited, Sterilized Bond-Buying

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s bond-buying proposal involves unlimited purchases of government debt that will be sterilized to assuage concerns about printing money, two central bank officials briefed on the plan said.

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Jeff Nielson