In last Friday’s edition of This Week in Precious Metals; I noted how we had seen an “evolution” in how news was being reported by the propaganda-machine – and thus how the market reacted to that news.

For well over a year, the Sheep had been programmed to sell their gold and silver on “bad news” days (with the absurd explanation that they were “risk assets”). Meanwhile, on the rare occasions when some good news came out we were told that it was acceptable to bid-up gold and silver prices since this hinted at stronger commodity markets. And (of course) the propaganda-machine never mentions the fact that gold and silver are also money.

But now things have changed. On most of the “bad news” days, gold and silver prices go up instead of down – because as our economies severely sag, all this bad news is now interpreted as “more money-printing is on the way”. Against the will of the Corporate Media, the talking-heads have been forced to acknowledge that change in their reporting on price-action. Now the propaganda-machine has completed this flip-flop.

Today, gold and silver prices are down because of “good news”. Since the propaganda-machine is now forced to acknowledge that all bad news means that more money-printing is on the way, they have now told the Sheep that good news means they are supposed to sell their gold and silver – since supposedly the good news means there won’t be more money-printing.

Back in the real world, there is no “good news”, merely propaganda lies. Back in the real world, B.S. Bernanke has never stopped counterfeiting U.S. dollars. However, we aren’t allowed to live in the real world (yet). So today, as we are told that a mediocre number on U.S. retail sales was “good news”, gold and silver prices are lower.

Note what else is a part of this recent pattern. Gold and silver prices have already recovered more than half of the phony dip in prices created by this latest manipulation attempt. By the end of the day, prices might actually be higher. In other words, the market (mostly meaning the Big Buyers) is simply tuning-out the propaganda to an ever greater degree.

As every other aspect of our Ponzi-scheme economies nears collapse, the propaganda used to control/confuse the Sheep is also rapidly failing…


“Gold falls below $1,600 per ounce after U.S. data dampens”

(Reuters) – Gold prices fell nearly 1 percent on Tiesday, with a breach of support near $1,605 an ounce triggering technical selling, after forecast-beating U.S. retail sales data dampened speculation of another round of monetary easing…

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