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July 19, 2012 10:03:57 AM MDT

Precious Metals vs. Commodities

I had the opportunity to listen to an inteview with noted commodities-guru Jim Rogers, which is never a bad investment of one’s time. Rogers is both very astute, and a straight-talker; two “commodities” which I’m sure that he would purchase if he could – since both are clearly in short supply in the 21st century.

The central topic on the mind of Rogers’ interviewer was Ben Bernanke’s farcical testimony before the U.S. Congress. That love-fest had all the interrogative value of spending the day watching Sesame Street. Rogers was also totally unimpressed:

…Mr. Bernanke is going to print more money…I wouldn’t pay much attention to the man…He only knows one thing – and that’s what he’s going to do…

The interview then proceeded to Rogers’ specialty: the world of commodities. He remains totally committed to commodities over the long term, rightfully pointing out that as the global economy continues to be drowned in mountains of the bankers’ paper currencies, that these hard assets must soar in price – as all that paper collapses in value...

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June 29, 2012 2:05:15 PM MDT

This Week In Precious Metals – June 29th

To the casual observer of the gold market, all that happened this week (as we see metals prices surging strongly today) is that gold regained most of the ground it had lost following the brief-but-improbable plunge in the price of gold at the end of last week – where it was once again pulled below the $1600/oz level. However, such a superficial view of this market would ignore some very important dyanmics which accompanied this price action...

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