Some readers (and media “experts”) have considered my allegation that the Federal Reserve is counterfeiting U.S. dollars to (secretly) buy-up all U.S. Treasuries to be absurd. They say this despite there being no visible support of any kind for this multi-trillion dollar market. They say this despit...

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After seeing this piece of absurd nonsense, I can only assume that the next Bloomberg article I read will be proclaiming the discovery of a “perpetual motion machine”, a “cure” for the common cold, or an honest banker.

How is the reality-defying banking cabal going to fund “unlimited” bond purchases ...

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August 30, 2012 9:56:38 AM MDT

China willing to increase EU bond-buying

There were several interesting aspects to this news item. First, unlike when Western Deadbeats talk about “buying bonds” amongst themselves; when China’s government talks about doing this it doesn’t need to print more money simply to finance the purchases.

I’ve written about the Western dynamic sever...

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A regular theme in my writing over the past 2 ½ years has been the “economic terrorism” being perpetrated by Wall Street’s Big Banks against the nations of Europe, via attacks on their debt/bond markets.

Western media (and especially U.S. media) would have us believe that it is Europe which is the focal point of Western insolvency. The truth is that since Day 1 of the “Euro debt crisis” the U.S. has been more insolvent than even the worst of Europe’s Deadbeat Debtors (Greece).  The only way that the mainstream media has been able to pretend that Europe’s bankruptcy/insolvency problems are worse than those of the U.S. is through two simultaneous frauds/manipulations...

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July 5, 2012 12:26:26 PM MDT

Crash Warning

Regular readers of my work know that I have been outlining (and warning people about) two potential economic scenarios; as the West’s terminally-ill economies lurch towards their final collapse. These hollowed-out, debt-saturated economies would (will) either crash under the weight of their own insolvency; or our governments will create a hyperinflation death-spiral -- in a last desperate attempt to avoid that bankruptcy event.

While both paths represent utter, economic suicide; the road to ruin is much different in these two scenarios. This has severely limited the investment options and strategies for any prudent investor. Forced not only to “play defense” with our investing but to prepare for two more-or-less opposite events has made precious metals the one asset class which can protect investors from either of these fates.

I’ve explained on multiple occasions in the past why precious metals will outperform other asset classes in both a debt-default crash or hyperinflation-spiral scenario. The purpose of this piece is not to repeat that analysis, but rather to point out that as of this moment the “crash” scenario has become not only the most likely scenario, but an imminent event...

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