August 30, 2012 9:56:38 AM MDT

China willing to increase EU bond-buying

There were several interesting aspects to this news item. First, unlike when Western Deadbeats talk about “buying bonds” amongst themselves; when China’s government talks about doing this it doesn’t need to print more money simply to finance the purchases.

I’ve written about the Western dynamic sever...

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It seems another mainstream media foot soldier has decided to take pot-shots at my theory as to how the U.S. government has been able to delay the implosion of its fraudulent Treasuries market. It appears that the MSM decided that “Round One” didn’t work out too well.

Once again I was forced to observe my name being spelled incorrectly throughout another insulting rant.  I note this because there are four variations on the spelling of “Nielson”. However this writer selected the same incorrect variation as did Joe Weisenthal when he launched his own attack on my work.

This strongly suggests that my new attacker, John Carney, Senior Editor of CNBC, never even read my original piece (where my name is naturally spelled correctly); but rather chose to attempt his own rebuttal after merely reading Mr. Weisenthal’s attack. This in turn is suggestive of a sloppy and arrogant mind. Let’s see if these traits are exhibited in Mr. Carney’s attempt at analysis...

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