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August 22, 2012 11:10:47 AM MDT

Gold Supply-Crisis Looms?

The World Gold Council recently released its second quarter statistics on gold “demand and supply trends”. For those not familiar with the WGC, it is an “industry trade group” composed of large-cap gold miners who love bankers.

How much do these mining companies love bankers? So much that they allow ...

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Precious metals investors saw two trends in the precious metals sector reinforced today, as both Goldcorp and Barrick reported disappointing operational results. While Goldcorp has missed significantly in its short-term production numbers, Barrick is backing-away from its long-term production goal. Meanwhile, both miners reported exploding costs – significantly reducing their profit-margins...

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July 19, 2012 10:03:57 AM MDT

Precious Metals vs. Commodities

I had the opportunity to listen to an inteview with noted commodities-guru Jim Rogers, which is never a bad investment of one’s time. Rogers is both very astute, and a straight-talker; two “commodities” which I’m sure that he would purchase if he could – since both are clearly in short supply in the 21st century.

The central topic on the mind of Rogers’ interviewer was Ben Bernanke’s farcical testimony before the U.S. Congress. That love-fest had all the interrogative value of spending the day watching Sesame Street. Rogers was also totally unimpressed:

…Mr. Bernanke is going to print more money…I wouldn’t pay much attention to the man…He only knows one thing – and that’s what he’s going to do…

The interview then proceeded to Rogers’ specialty: the world of commodities. He remains totally committed to commodities over the long term, rightfully pointing out that as the global economy continues to be drowned in mountains of the bankers’ paper currencies, that these hard assets must soar in price – as all that paper collapses in value...

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