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August 30, 2012 9:56:38 AM MDT

China willing to increase EU bond-buying

There were several interesting aspects to this news item. First, unlike when Western Deadbeats talk about “buying bonds” amongst themselves; when China’s government talks about doing this it doesn’t need to print more money simply to finance the purchases.

I’ve written about the Western dynamic sever...

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July 16, 2012 10:23:19 AM MDT

Treasuries Ponzi-scheme CAN last (Bloomberg)

It appears that the propaganda-machine has decided that trying to debate my views theories on the U.S. Treasuries Ponzi-scheme directly isn’t working out too well that they would go back to the indirect approach: dispensing truck-loads of manure about how strong-and-stable this Ponzi-scheme supposedly is...

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It seems another mainstream media foot soldier has decided to take pot-shots at my theory as to how the U.S. government has been able to delay the implosion of its fraudulent Treasuries market. It appears that the MSM decided that “Round One” didn’t work out too well.

Once again I was forced to observe my name being spelled incorrectly throughout another insulting rant.  I note this because there are four variations on the spelling of “Nielson”. However this writer selected the same incorrect variation as did Joe Weisenthal when he launched his own attack on my work.

This strongly suggests that my new attacker, John Carney, Senior Editor of CNBC, never even read my original piece (where my name is naturally spelled correctly); but rather chose to attempt his own rebuttal after merely reading Mr. Weisenthal’s attack. This in turn is suggestive of a sloppy and arrogant mind. Let’s see if these traits are exhibited in Mr. Carney’s attempt at analysis...

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Is somebody getting nervous? This is the question which readers may want to ask themselves after another mainstream scribe decided to “rebut” my rebuttal, starting with continuing to misspell my name...

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It is said that “no publicity is bad publicity”. If this cliché is indeed true, then I should be heartened by the fact that my recent commentary “The Continuing Mystery of the U.S. Treasuries Market” has drawn even more criticism than my past writing on this subject – both inside and outside the precious metals community.

I’m obliged to Marc Prosser, Publisher of the site LearnBonds.com for alerting me to one of those individuals, a writer named Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider. His critique of my article was notable in several respects. Sadly, none of these “notable respects” were positive. It may seem peevish to mention that Mr. Weisenthal mispelled my name throughout his brief diatribe. However, I note it because it may be suggestive of the writer’s state of mind.

Specifically, one explanation for this lapse was that he was so inflamed by the topic about which he was writing that he was not thinking clearly.  Indeed, this is one of the reasons I deliberately endeavour to be provocative in my writing. Anger someone (or annoy them severely) and they may blurt out something which they would never say in a calmer frame of mind. Let’s see if we find further evidence of such a state of mind...

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July 5, 2012 3:35:23 PM MDT

Audio interview (Altinvestors.com)

I was recently invited by Rahul of Altinvestors.com to do another audio interview with him, and naturally accepted – since with my limited typing skills it’s still a lot easier to talk than it is to write. Unfortunately I did little to demonstrate that principle with this clip, as my own performance here was “uneven” (at best). However if you can get past some ‘roughness around the edges’, we delved into several current topics and familiar themes, including (once again) covering my controversial views on the U.S. Treasuries market…

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A journalist should never be concerned with winning any “popularity contests”. This is a point about which I like to frequently remind myself – since I will certainly never win any such contest with my own work...

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