Diamonds - General - Which coloured diamonds are the rarest?

General - Which coloured diamonds are the rarest?

All coloured diamonds are rare occurrences; however, there are differences in rarity among colours. “Rarity” has two components:

  1. 1. Rarity imposed by nature – Based on the physical laws of science, how many of a certain colour did nature produce?
  2. 2. Rarity imposed by man – What is the commercial desirability of one colour versus another? 

Typically red, blue and pink are considered the rarest. Orange and green are also very rare. Some yellows are extremely rare. For example, a true canary yellow diamond is an extremely rare occurrence because of the conditions required to create it. Cape yellow is more common, but still classified as rare. Brown, black and greys are more plentiful but still considered rare. As you can see, it is difficult to make blanket statements about rarity because a unique set of physical and chemical circumstances defines the true rarity of a colour.

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