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Silver Dealers
We started in 2009 with a singular vision to be the best precious metals dealer in Canada and the US

Silver Gold Bull is a safe, fast and easy way to buy precious metals like gold and silver bullion. lists popular and up to date 999+ bullion coins, rounds, wafers and bars. Our quick and secure checkout has easy payment options: Credit Card, Bill Payment, Interac, PayPal and Wire/Check.

Pricing is literally up to the minute so silver dealers and other investors can buy the dips when they happen 24/7. As a bullion dealer we provide a return market so customers receive good value when they're ready to sell.

Silver Gold Bull Inc. (ANA, BBB, Gata) was established in 2009 with a mission to innovate easy ways for silver dealers and other smart investors to accumulate precious metals. By providing top sales, support and practical ways to buy, we have grown to have a major presence in Canada while fostering a budding new American market.

  • We advocate building your wealth in ounces and we espouse three pillars to successful bullion accumulation. Buy regularly, buy the dips (saved money means more oz's) and get your portfolio to at least 20% mix of pure gold and silver.
  • We respect your safety and privacy. We do not share your information.
  • All the shipments we send out are 100% insured to your door. We provide great service, real time market spot pricing, news, media and charts with easy ways to buy and sell.

Your Trusted Bullion Dealer is Silver Gold Bull
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Silver Dealers