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Buy Gold With Bitcoin And Protect Your Profits From Crypto

VC has turned its attention to Bitcoin. Two Wall Street legends are making moves in the crypto market and when the news was announced in April, Bitcoin prices rallied on the renewed interest. Despite ongoing struggles such as advertisement crackdowns and a nascent regulatory atmosphere, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain a big opportunity for investors. That’s why Soros Fund Management, the investment fund founded by George Soros, may begin trading in Bitcoin following news that fund manager Adam Fisher has been internally approved to start trading Bitcoin. In separate news, VC firm Venrock, founded by members of the famous Rockefeller family (and an early funder of tech companies like Intel and Apple), is now partnering up with Brooklyn’s CoinFund to invest in blockchain startups.

How VCs Invest in Crypto

VCs have been investing in the companies responsible for cryptocurrencies and innovating new blockchain technology, but some have also been making money by investing in crypto hedge funds. There are already a number of firms making money by trading Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and investing in ICOs (initial coin offerings). VCs like Bain Capital and Sequoia Capital have gone straight into buying the tokens themselves.

Market Reaction

With venture capital now in the crypto market, big moves could easily get out of control, both up and down. There’s big money looking at crypto and it can make the market feel like a roller coaster ride. But cryptocurrency is too good of an opportunity for many to pass up. So how do you make money trading Bitcoin while protecting your money from volatility?

Buy Gold with Bitcoin

Trade Bitcoin with gold. You can buy gold with Bitcoin directly through Silver Gold Bull, skipping the conversion to cash altogether. That means fast trad es so that you can respond instantly to the price of gold and Bitcoin. When you get the latest Bitcoin prices, you need to act fast. Whether you’re trying to seize an opportunity or protect your money, buying gold with Bitcoin needs to be quick.

Why Buy Gold

Gold is the ultimate safe haven. Its value increase in a way that negates inflation, making it a safer place to put your Bitcoin earnings than cash. Gold is one of the most durable materials on the planet and its value has proven equally durable.

Knowing that you can buy gold with Bitcoin, you have an easy way to trade out of Bitcoin and shore up your money when prices take another downturn. The extreme volatility of Bitcoin trading means you can lose your progress overnight. Instead of watching your newfound fortunes evaporate, buy gold from Silver Gold Bull to keep it somewhere safe. The process is simple and it’s a way to start diversifying your portfolio.

Investing in Bitcoin comes with a lot of risks. Balance it out by buying gold from Silver Gold Bull. Turn your crypto profits into gold and you will walk out ahead of the game.

May 28, 2018
Author: Silver Gold Bull