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Platinum Bars and Platinum Coins

Are you a beginner when it comes to investing in precious metals? Are you considering investment options outside of gold and silver? You may have glanced past this rare precious metal in the past, but its growing demand makes the purchase of platinum bars and platinum coins a wise choice.

Due to the rarity of platinum, the law of supply and demand sustains the elevated live platinum price. Though less common, it has very similar characteristics to silver. Platinum’s conductivity, durability, and resistance to corrosion contribute to its use in nearly a quarter of total consumer goods. Compared to gold, platinum was recently given more favorable investment projections.

Popular Platinum Categories

Live Platinum Price Chart

Live Platinum Price Throughout History

Contrary to platinum’s everlasting reputation of prestige and quality, its live price throughout history has proven this precious metal to be more volatile than gold. Oftentimes, during economic downturns the industry demand for platinum reduces.

During the years of a thriving economy, the price of platinum can rise to twice as much as that of gold. Currently, there is a steady decline in the live price of platinum, making it a perfect opportunity to purchase it with Silver Gold Bull.

Best Platinum Products

Silver Gold Bull has high-quality platinum products for successful investments. There are two forms of products that we carry, and they are platinum bars and platinum coins.

Platinum bars are available in multiple sizes, are easily stackable, and are often less expensive than platinum coins. The bullion must be refined to a minimum of 995 fine to be considered pure.

A more scarce form of the rare metal would be the platinum coins. They aren’t minted as often, which leads to a higher price point than its bullion form. The coins not only serve as rare collectibles, but they also have a vast amount of design characteristics from various countries across the globe. To ensure the coin you purchase contains a minimum of 99.5% platinum, carefully review the product descriptions and double check with the sales associate.

Currently, platinum sits at an attractive price for an investment opportunity. While you can utilize Silver Gold Bull’s live price charts to monitor the spot price, we also provide the option to log in and set your desired market price. When the spot price meets the price you have set for yourself, you’ll receive notification that it’s the perfect time to buy.

Check out our platinum bars and platinum coins to see if this investment is right for you. If you aren’t certain about what to do next, reach out to us and our helpful customer support team will ensure you have a seamless experience from start to finish.