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What Are Bullion Loans?

If you’ve ever had a situation in which you needed quick money, you may have heard about bullion loans. These have become very popular with precious metal prices skyrocketing. Unfortunately, there’s

7 Best Online Communities for Precious Metals Investors

The world of precious metals has changed significantly over the years. Whereas people once buried coins that we’re currently finding in ancient ruins, investors can now instantly buy digital gold

Are Gold-Proof Coins a Good Investment? A Buyer’s Guide

When someone begins their journey in gold investment, they’re inundated with a wealth of information. This includes terms they’ve likely never heard and bullion options they didn’t know existed. One

Can You Save Money by Buying Gold on eBay?

Precious metals investing picked up significant steam after the pandemic broke out. Fortunately for excited investors, there are plenty of places to buy bullion. Of course, they’re not all created

How to Avoid Buying Fake Bars: Beating Counterfeiters

Whenever a physical asset’s value rises, you can expect counterfeiters to emerge. This is true of everything from collectible comics to precious metals. In the world of the latter, this

5 Best Precious Metals Communities on Reddit

Since its emergence in 2005, Reddit has grown its user base to over 400 million with more than 100,000 active communities. These groups — known as “subreddits” — cover every

Could America Return to the Gold Standard?

When asking Americans which issues most concern them, the economy always ranks near the top. New economic policies find their way into statute with every new administration. Recently, some politicians

Investor’s Strategy: Which Gold Coins to Buy

The historic rise of gold’s value in recent years has opened the eyes of even the most pessimistic investors. The precious metal once spent a decade valued lower than platinum,

Are Any Precious Metals Better Than Gold?

Interest in buying bullion has escalated rapidly over the past few years. Of course, such an endeavor frequently leads to the purchase of gold. Everyone loves the yellow metal, but

What’s the Cheapest Way to Invest in Gold?

The price of gold has reached record highs in recent years. While this shows how great of an investment it is, it also makes it difficult for everyone to buy

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Gold for Retirement

There are many reasons people invest in precious metals. Some hope for a quick return on investment, but increasingly, people are buying gold for retirement purposes. Since popularity doesn’t always

The Best Precious Metals to Invest in Right Now

You can invest in almost anything. When COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the economy, though, a whole new generation encountered market realities. They learned that purchasing bullion could hedge against inflation,