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Are Gold-Proof Coins a Good Investment? A Buyer’s Guide

When someone begins their journey in gold investment, they’re inundated with a wealth of information. This includes terms they’ve likely never heard and bullion options they didn’t know existed. One

The Best American Silver Dollars You Can Own Right Now

Collectors and investors have more options for buying precious metals than ever before. From kilogram bullion bars to fractional currencies, the possibilities are nearly limitless. If it’s the best American

Investor’s Strategy: Which Gold Coins to Buy

The historic rise of gold’s value in recent years has opened the eyes of even the most pessimistic investors. The precious metal once spent a decade valued lower than platinum,

9 Ways to Avoid Buying Fake Silver Coins

Precious metals have always been a smart investment. Since gold broke the $1,000 mark per ounce in 2009, though, things seem to have remained in high gear. And once silver

10 Ways to Avoid Buying Fake Gold Coins

Demand for gold has gone through the roof recently. While the precious metal has always been popular, climbing prices have attracted droves of new investors. Unfortunately, this has also led

What Are the Cheapest Gold Coins to Buy?

The demand for gold coins has skyrocketed in recent years. Even people who never invested before found their way to bullion investing thanks to the yellow metal. Of course, its