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What Are Bullion Loans?

If you’ve ever had a situation in which you needed quick money, you may have heard about bullion loans. These have become very popular with precious metal prices skyrocketing. Unfortunately, there’s

7 Best Online Communities for Precious Metals Investors

The world of precious metals has changed significantly over the years. Whereas people once buried coins that we’re currently finding in ancient ruins, investors can now instantly buy digital gold

7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Junk Silver

Many silver buyers fill their collections and portfolios with only bullion coins and bars. There’s a subset of investors who recognize, however, that silver holds value even if it’s not

5 Best Precious Metals Communities on Reddit

Since its emergence in 2005, Reddit has grown its user base to over 400 million with more than 100,000 active communities. These groups — known as “subreddits” — cover every

Should I Open a Silver IRA Plan? Major Considerations

The demand for precious metals has increased significantly in recent years. As a new generation of investors entered the market, they started looking for unique places to put their money.

7 Best Silver Bullion Rounds to Buy Right Now

When someone decides to invest in silver, they have an array of items to choose from. Bullion bars are relatively inexpensive, but government-issued coins are far more beautiful. For those

The Best American Silver Dollars You Can Own Right Now

Collectors and investors have more options for buying precious metals than ever before. From kilogram bullion bars to fractional currencies, the possibilities are nearly limitless. If it’s the best American

The Best Precious Metals to Invest in Right Now

You can invest in almost anything. When COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the economy, though, a whole new generation encountered market realities. They learned that purchasing bullion could hedge against inflation,

The History of Silver: 10 Amazing Facts

When purchasing precious metals, it’s important to know as much as possible about your investment. Of course, not all information will be pertinent from an investor’s point of view. That

The Coolest Silver Coins You Can Buy Right Now

Buying silver has long been a popular way to store value and invest in precious metals. In recent years, though, this popularity went through the roof. While many people focus

9 Ways to Avoid Buying Fake Silver Coins

Precious metals have always been a smart investment. Since gold broke the $1,000 mark per ounce in 2009, though, things seem to have remained in high gear. And once silver