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The Great White Shark or Carcharadon carcharias (from the Greek odous meaning tooth and karcharos meaning sharp) grows up to an average of 5 meters in length and 2,000 kg in weight and their torpedo shaped body helps them reach speeds of up to 60 kph. The Great White has an estimated lifespan of over 65 years and over the years people have claimed to find much larger and older Great Whites, but the details have been highly disputed as the methods used to determine them are considered unreliable. Like all other sharks, the Great White has Ampullae of Lorenzini which enable them to detect electromagnetic changes caused by the movement of living creatures or even their heartbeats!

The obverse of the coin features the Ian-Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "Elizabeth II Australia 50 Cents" and the artist's initials.

The reverse of the coin features a design by artist Natasha Muhl that depicts a mighty Great White as seen in profile from the front left, with the outline of two other sharks of varying sizes in the background, presumably at different distances. The Great White is shown in great detail, with the rows of razor sharp teeth clearly visible. The sharks are surrounded by the words "Great White Shark 2014 1/2 oz 999 Silver" and the artist's initials on the shark's tail fin.

These beautiful half ounce 999 pure silver coins are limited to a world wide mintage of only 300,000 and are sure to sell out fast.

In multiples of 25 these coins will be shipped in a plastic tube. In multiples of 500 these coins will be shipped in a monster box.

Lightly Used
Perth Mint
AUD 0.50
Ian Rank-Broadley (obverse), Natasha Muhl (reverse)
Queen Elizabeth II effigy by Ian Rank-Broadley and the words "ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 50 Cents"
A front-left profile view of a Great White shark, and two smaller sharks, apparently further away, and the words "Great White Shark 2014 1/2 oz 999 Silver" and the artist's initial

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