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Purchase a 1/2 oz 2015 Battle of the Coral Sea Silver Coin from us and enjoy the lowest price available!

The Battle of the Coral Sea, waged by the axis force of Japan against the allied forces of the United States and Australia, was an extremely significant event in both World War II and Modern warfare as we know it today. The Battle of the Coral Sea was the first of its kind, as aircraft carriers engaged against one other, for the first time in history, without direct fire on opposing vessels. This event caused the Generals of each nation to adapt their strategies and tactics to the demands of heavy artillery naval warfare. The Battle of the Coral sea changed the tide of the war, completely. Although the allied forces incurred heavy losses, two critical components of the Imperial Japanese fleet, the Shokaku, and Zuikaku aircraft carriers were compromised. With these significant components out of the war, the allied forces obtained a weapons advantage and were able to establish victory in the ensuing battles, primarily in the Battle of Midway. Thus, the Battle of the Coral Sea served as a turning point in World War II, serving as a precursor for subsequent victories. This ultimately led to the final surrender of the axis forces, and the end to World War II. This remarkable story is reflected on this exceptional 1/2 oz .999 pure silver coin, by the Perth Mint.

The reverse side illustrates an Attack vessel, afloat on the Pacific ocean, seemingly prepared for battle. In coins background, stars and stripes are illustrated, indicative of the United States who participated in this battle. The image is encapsulated by the title of the battle, and the years in which the United States participated in World War II, instigated by the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Held on the reverse is Ian Rank-Broadley’s contemporary likeness of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The bust is a reflection of both the efforts of America’s, Australian allies, and the Perth mint.

The Battle of the Coral Sea is arguably one of the most pivotal battles in history and is etched in remarkable detail on this 999 pure silver coin. Fortify your holdings with the addition of a few of these 1/2 oz 2015 Battle of the Coral Sea Silver Coins today!

Lightly Used
Perth Mint
AUS .50 cents
A navy vessel prepped for battle.
Ian Rank-Bradley's effigy of Elizabeth II

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