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For your holdings with the purchase of a 1 kilogram 2020 Australian Koala Silver Coin today!

The spirit of the Koala bear is embedded within Australian national lore, with the lovable animal featuring heavily in the foundation of the continent. As a result, the Koala, who is an exclusive inhabitant of Australia, is just as embedded in nationalistic pride and identity. Thus, it is only fitting that the world-renowned Perth Mint chose the Koala to adorn their dynamic and evolving series, which has been released since 1987 to critical acclaim. The 2020 edition of this highly collectible series maintains the extremely low mintage figures for which the Koala series is known, with only 300,000 available worldwide!

The reverse side depicts Ing Ing Jong’s brilliant design, with the lovable herbivore, foraging up a Eucalyptus tree, with an embracing smile. The characterization is true to form, with Special care taken in the illustration to accentuate the Koala’s unique distinguishing features with skillful engraving, for which the Perth Mint is world-renowned. A framed encapsulation also bears the name of this coin series and the coin’s weight, purity, and year of issue. The image is laid over a simple, blank field, which contains the Perth Mint “P” mark, which is an added security feature.

Australia is a haven for several beloved marsupials, which are unique to the land down under, including wombats and, of course, kangaroos.

The 1 kilogram 2020 Australian Koala silver coin is the ultimate way to enrich your portfolio and celebrate the wonder of nature that is Australia!

This coin ships in a coin capsule as received from the mint

Brilliant uncirculated
Perth Mint
AUD 30
Jody Clark (obverse)
Jody Clark's Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "Elizabeth II Australia 30 Dollars" and the artist's initials
Ing Ing Jong's Illustration of a playful Koala climbing a Eucalyptus tree.