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Build your wealth in ounces with the addition of a 2019 1 oz Mexican Libertad Gold Coin, from us at the lowest price!

The pride and beauty of this great country are reflected in the form of this meticulously designed 1 oz 999 fine Libertad gold coin.

The obverse feature is the monument of independence, Angel de la Independencia which features prominently in the heart of Mexico City. The monument is in homage to the Roman Goddess of victory, Victoria, with no attention to detail left out. In the background, rest the Volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, the Nation's second and third largest volcanoes, respectively. (Optional material) The two volcanic structures hold a prominent role in Aztec mythology, as Popocatépetl was a fearsome warrior who was promised the Emperor's daughter, Iztaccíhuatl upon the successful completion of an ensuing battle, to increase the warrior's ferocity and resolve. Assuming that he would not return, the Emperor told his daughter that Popocatépetl had died in battle, causing Iztaccíhuatl to perish from grief. Following his triumphant return, the fearless warrior encountered his deceased bride and laid her to rest. Her form remains as Iztaccíhuatl maintain, or La Mujer Dormida, "The Sleeping woman." The legend of the reverse side of the coin reveals its weight, purity, and year of issue, written in Spanish. To this day, Popocatépetl remains an active Valcano, while Iztaccíhuatl does not.

At the centre of the reverse, a Gold Eagle is depicted atop a cactus, as it devours a snake. The encircling images are the various evolutions of the Mexican coat of arms in a clockwise direction.

The reverse also pays tribute to the Aztek heritage of the Nation. It was prophesied that the ancient civilization would settle around the location in which the image was witnessed as reality. Mexico City is the land in which this prophecy is said to have materialized.

The Mexican Libertad has enduring popularity among investors looking to diversify their holdings with a unique and well-designed coin. The remarkable beauty of it can be appreciated by numismatists as well, ensuring that this is a sound purchase for investment. Add a 1 oz 2019 Mexican Libertad Gold coin to your cart right now!

Brilliant uncirculated
Banco De Mexico
National seal of Mexico and the words "Estados Unidos Mexicanos"
Winged Angel of Mexican Independence Victory Column in front of a landscape with the volcanoes Popocatpetl and Iztaccihuatl and the words "1 ONZA Oro Pura 2019 LEY .999"

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