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Honouring the “Flower Beadwork People”

These beads come together to form a dazzling floral motif that represents a living tradition for the Red River Métis, known by their neighbours as the “Flower Beadwork People.” The second Generations coin celebrates the tradition of Métis beadwork, which is a proud expression of Métis culture and identity, and an exercise in visual storytelling, as seen on this coin. Today, this centuries-old artform is also a powerful statement of continuity, for each bead contributes to a gorgeous tapestry; and that signature craftsmanship is passed down from one generation to the next, inspiring others to create the patterns that stitch together a people’s past, present and future.

Celebrate the everlasting heritage of the Red River Métis.


  • Coin #2. The annual Generations series celebrates the transfer of knowledge through the stories of the First Peoples of Canada. The second coin highlights traditional Métis beadwork as a cherished art form and a proud cultural expression; on this coin, the beadwork pattern tells the story of the Red River Métis.
  • Rooted in tradition. With every bead, the story unfolds: by sharing it with others, that story—and the act of its creation—lives on. Métis beadwork is a rich medium for storytelling and for intergenerational learning, and the Generations series of coins honours the artists and storytellers who play a key role in passing down traditional knowledge to new generations.
  • Limited mintage. Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, these coins have a limited mintage of 5,000 worldwide.
  • Includes serialized certificate. The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins.


On the coin’s reverse, the engraving is done in an elaborate style that perfectly mimics traditional Métis beading. In lieu of colour, varying relief height and frostings help create a striking contrast that sets neighbouring elements apart while adding depth to the overall design.


This is the Royal Canadian Mint's first collaboration with Métis artist Jennine Krauchi, whose original beadwork pattern combines several traditional motifs and design elements to tell the story of the Red River Métis.


  • The Métis became known for their beadwork in the 19th century, when their decorative beadwork patterns earned them the moniker “the Flower Beadwork People.” Inspired by what they had seen in nature and intertwined with French embroidery designs, the Métis women created their own style of beadwork. The five-petalled prairie rose is the most common Métis beading motif, while curves, stems or tendrils are typically used to connect every element within a beadwork pattern. Another classic motif is the feathered stem (as seen on this coin), which is marked by bead accents or “mouse tracks” that run down its sides. Métis beaders are also known to intentionally include a mistake—a miscoloured or misplaced bead or “spirit bead”—in their work to protect them from vanity, since only the Creator can create something perfect.


These coins' reverse feature an engraved rendering of an original floral beadwork pattern by Métis artist Jennine Krauchi, who has weaved together traditional beading elements to tell the story of the Red River Métis. At the base of the design, roots are intertwined with the Red River (“ LA RIVYEER ROOZH” in Michif) to represent the Red River Métis homeland and ancestry, while the infinity symbol speaks to the Red River Métis’ eternal and unbreakable spirit. Placed within the river are the Michif words “TAAPWEEYIMISHO” and “TAAPWEEYIMIK LII MICHIF”, which mean, “Believe in yourself” and “Believe in (the) Métis”. The central portion of the design speaks to a period of repression and loss, but the prairie rose—a classic Métis motif—represents the survival of the Red River Métis and a cultural resurgence. Long stems adorned with “mouse tracks,” leaves and flower buds fill the pattern with a sense of love and joy. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

"I have always tried to tell a story through my beadwork, whether it’s a personal story or a broader theme. For this coin, I tried to tell a little of the history of the Red River Métis, our struggles and hardships and what we have overcome as a people. I never thought that my journey of Métis beadwork would result in having my design chosen to be featured on a coin. I am so very proud, humbled and honoured. I created this image in celebration of all my Métis ancestors and all of the beaders who came before me, right back to those who picked up the first bead and produced this beautiful artform." JENNINE KRAUCHI, ARTIST

"I feel so proud and honoured to have worked on this coin, and it’s such a unique piece because of all the individual bead components that form the design. In terms of the engraving, the biggest challenge was achieving the right contrast: I used multiple frostings and varying relief height to change the way the light reacts with the different design elements, and that’s what delivers the ‘wow’ factor." MATTHEW PORTER, SCULPTOR/ENGRAVER/3D GRAPHICS

"Jennine is one of those gifted knowledge keepers who passes on her stories through her beading to future generations about the roots of the Métis, Jennine's amazing depiction of Métis history, culture, and way of life emerge quickly in this design. It outlines the struggles, language, clothing, food, traditions and more. It is easy to see that Jennine has poured her heart, her soul, and love into this work. This is a masterpiece that captures so much within a limited space. I have seen nothing like it." OLIVER BOULETTE, MÉTIS ELDER


Each coin is encapsulated and presented in a black Royal Canadian Mint-branded clamshell with a black beauty box.


The Royal Canadian Mint is known as one of the most reputable mints in the world. The Ottawa Branch of the Royal Mint opened in 1908 and was renamed The Royal Canadian Mint in 1931 when control was transferred to the Canadian government. The Royal Canadian Mint is renowned for producing some of the highest quality and purity of gold and silver bullion coins and bars in the world. Their high standards for excellence and quality allowed them to be the first refinery to manufacture 9999 fine gold bullion coins in 1982, as well as the first to reach 99999 fine gold purity in 1999.

Royal Canadian Mint
CAD 20
Jennine Krauchi
1 oz

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