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Purchase your 2 oz 2020 Creatures of the North | Kraken Silver Coin from our online store and receive the lowest price available, anywhere!

The Kraken is a mythical creature that is believed to terrorize the deep ocean around the world. The myth of the Kraken inspires sheer terror as it incorporates the vast unknown of the deep ocean in the form of a terrorizing, massive, tentacled, bloodthirsty behemoth Within Canada, Maritime lore has a stake in this fable, as many claim to have seen the deep-sea terror as far back as the 1700s. The Royal Canadian Mint brings the creature to life on this 2 oz, 9999 pure silver coins!

The brute strength, sheer size, and terror are conveyed in equal parts on the reverse side rendering of the Kraken. The beast is centered, ominously glaring back as it prepares to devour two sea vessels, with its many tentacles probing. Skillful texturing is applied to the reverse side’s field, depicting the Kraken, suspended in water. The image is encapsulated with a light refracting, radial-lined encapsulation which contains the nation of issue, and metal type.

The obverse contains her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, centered over a light-refracting radial lined coin field. The Queen is encapsulated by the year of issue, her title, and the denominational value.

The Royal Canadian Mint, which is renowned for its celebration of Canadian Wildlife, goes against its conventional standard in stunning fashion. This coin is the first release of a new bi-annual series from the Royal Canadian Mint, which celebrates a creature from the sea, land, or sky. Coveted by lovers of lore of all types in addition to investors and coin collectors, this coin serves as a great gift or a sound investment. Diversify your holdings with the addition of a few 2 oz 2020 Creatures of the North | Kraken Silver Coin, today!

Multiples of 14 come in mint issued tubes, while multiples of 280 come in monster boxes. A standard 2 oz coin capsule, SKU 4704, will fit this coin.

Lightly Used
CAD 10
Gerald Gloade (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)
The contemporary effigy of Queen Elizabeth II
A Kraken in the process of devouring multiple vessels

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