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Gold Beats Low Interest Retirement Savings

It’s a question everyone asks themselves at a certain point in life: are you saving enough for retirement? Many Canadians aren’t, but even those who do have RRSPs and pension accounts may not be paying enough attention to how they’re saving. It’s important to grow your retirement savings by investing, but fees, third-party risk, and low returns can cause dwindling value. One hundred dollars you set aside today will only be worth $75 in today’s dollars in thirty years, and that’s if inflation remains low – a worst-case scenario would see it go down to $10-20.

One way to protect your hard-earned retirement savings is by investing with gold, which many Canadians don’t know is eligible for your RRSP.

Investing In Gold For Your RRSP

When you buy gold from us at Silver Gold Bull, you can store it where you want and make it part of your RRSP, or any other registered savings plan in Canada. Gold is a counterweight to the rest of your portfolio, providing security and protection against loss and dwindling value. It also has high liquidity – at Silver Gold Bull, we don’t just sell gold, we also buy. It’s easy to convert your gold into cash when you need it, whether it’s because you’re cashing in your retirement or you have a new investment opportunity.

How Much Gold Should You Buy

Your financial advisor should be the first person you ask about diversifying your portfolio, and experts disagree on just how much of your retirement should be gold, though there is a generally agreed upon range. If you want to protect your retirement savings against loss, experts on Money Sense suggest anywhere from 5 to 25% of your savings should be gold investments. Before you invest, learn about gold bullion and how it’s a hedge against inflation.

How To Buy Gold Online

The goal of the team at Silver Gold Bull is to make buying gold online easy and secure. You can buy it in a wide range of forms, including bullion and gold and silver collectibles that make great gifts. You can have it shipped straight to your home or stored in our facilities.

Gold vs. Interest Rates To Come

Some believe that the era of low interest rates is coming to an end, with the Bank of Canada tentatively hiking rates in the past year, with plans to go higher. But with the Bank of Canada only just setting the rate at 1 percent – still lower than at any time in the last 50 years since the Great Recession – you’re still looking at a very low interest rate economy where it’s difficult to get good returns on low-risk retirement investments.

When you’re investing for your retirement, you need a diverse portfolio. Gold helps you manage risks and keep your money’s value while currency declines. Gold protects your retirement savings against the risk of dwindling value. Complete your portfolio by backing it up with precious metals like gold and silver.

October 23, 2017
Author: Silver Gold Bull