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3 Investment Opportunities You Won’t Want to Miss in 2019

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to begin considering new investment opportunities. Are you looking for a way to diversify your financial portfolio and begin investing smarter? If so, precious metals are a great option to explore. The great news is that you can choose from many options, such as silver coins and jewelry. In terms of gold investments, consider gold bars.

There are many advantages to buying both silver and gold. First, they allow you to maintain a financial currency outside of paper money. These metals also enable you to not have to rely solely on traditional retirement options such as 401ks.

To get started, learn more about why investing in precious metals is so beneficial. Then, consider which type of silver or gold you want to invest in, for example silver coins or gold bars.

Is Silver a Smart Investment in 2019?

Put simply, silver is a great investment option in 2019 for many reasons. First, silver allows you to break free of having all your hard-earned money tied up in the stock market. We have all experienced or learned about past stock market crashes and the devastation they cause, especially for those close to retirement age.

Next, consider that silver is produced by mints around the world and accepted as a monetary currency. It has a tangible, real value, unlike other types of investments. That’s something you can feel good about at the end of the day. Additionally, silver has continued to hold its value over time, in the form of silver coins and more.

Last, although silver is in high demand globally due to its use in the technology field as well as the solar energy industry and silver jewelry, it remains really underpriced currently. In fact, you can begin investing in silver for less than $20 per ounce. If there was ever an ideal time to begin investing in silver coins, bars or other forms of the precious metal, it’s now.

Is Gold a Good Investment in the New Year?

Next, let’s consider whether gold is as smart of an investment opportunity as silver. Similar to silver coins and bars, various forms of gold have also managed to hold their value over time. It is also monitored closely by banks around the globe and financial institutes continue to invest in the precious metal. Additionally, gold is produced by government operated mints, ensuring its authenticity and value.

Ultimately, an investment in gold is one you can count on. Buying gold ensures you’re investing in a form of wealth that is universally accepted. You’re also investing in something with a limited supply that is not easily counterfeit. Not to mention, gold allows you to invest in a form that works for you, similar to silver. You can opt for gold and silver coins, jewelry or many other options.

#1. Silver Coins

Now that we know that investing in silver and gold is a smart idea in 2019, let’s explore some specific types of investment opportunities. First up: silver coins. Silver coins are a great place to begin investing in silver, as they’re generally affordable and there are many different kinds to consider.

Investors can begin purchasing as many or as few silver coins as they please at one time. Mints have produced silver coins in a range of collections, from the Siler Eagle, Silver Maple Leaf and the Perth Mint silver coins, for example.

These coins are strictly minted under the authority of a national government. This means they’re a form of legal tender in that country. There are a range of silver coins issued annually as well as those that are incredibly rare.

To get started investing in silver coins, explore our diverse collection online. If you have concerns or inquires, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. They’re happy to help ensure you find the exact silver coins you’re looking for, as well as answer any of your questions.

#2. Gold Bars

Gold bars are another smart investment opportunity in 2019. Like silver coins, gold bars come in a variety of sizes and types. In fact, they can range in size from as small as 1 gram to 400 ounces. This ensures you’re able to purchase the exact size gold bar you’re interested in.

It’s important to note that when you invest in gold bars, you’re investing in the gold content of the item rather than the collective value of the item. Investors often find gold bars convenient for storage purposes, as they’re easily stackable.

You may be wondering what it cost to purchase a gold bar. The price of the bar will vary depending on the present spot price of gold. Additionally, where the gold bars were minted will also have an impact on their price. Last, the pureness of the gold itself helps determine the price of the bar.

At the end of the day, gold bars allow people to diversify their financial portfolio.

#3. Silver and Gold Jewelry

When you consider investing in precious metals, you may not have considered gold or silver jewelry. Let’s explore why these are good options in 2019.

First, jewelry serves not only as an investment opportunity but also as a practical and useful purchase as well. Not many investments allow you to use them daily like a gold or silver necklace! Additionally, these items are easy to transfer when traveling, moving or crossing the border.

Like other types of silver and gold investments, there is a wide range of jewelry types to choose from. This allows investors the freedom to select pieces that they cherish most, or that have sentimental value to them.

Start Investing Smarter in 2019 with Silver and Gold

Both gold and silver can play a valuable role in your financial portfolio. If you’re looking for a more secure way to invest this year, we recommend you consider these precious metals. Regardless of whether you opt for silver coins, gold bars or jewelry to start, you’ll be diversifying your finances wisely and setting yourself up for a more secure financial future if the stock market crashes again.

At Silver Gold Bull, we have a large selection of silver and gold items. Start exploring your investment opportunities today online. We look forward to helping you!

January 2, 2019
Author: Silver Gold Bull