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Storage Solutions: Where To Keep Your Gold Investments

For first-time gold and silver investors, the question of storage can be a tricky one. Will small or large quantities of precious metals be safe inside your home? How much does it cost to store your gold and silver at a bank in a safe deposit box? Can you even get insurance against theft or loss? Whether it’s a single gold bar or a significant part of your investment portfolio, there are three main options for storing your gold and silver.

#1 Home Safe

The most basic option for most people once they buy gold bars or coins is to get a home safe with a combination or a digital code. It’s the safest and most secure home method, especially given that the weight and size of a safe can make it difficult to move. A state-of-the-art burglary system is a must-have, but even then, many buyers are still hesitant about relying on the safety of their own home. Everyone is susceptible to break-ins, although our discreet shipping means that no one will know that you’ve had gold shipped to you. If you’re a silver investor, a home safe may not have enough physical room, nor will a safe deposit box at the bank.

#2 Bank

Some Silver Gold Bull clients choose to store their gold at a bank, using a safe deposit box. Banks have much greater security than you can achieve at home, but in addition to paying high fees for storage, your physical investments are explicitly not insured, and they can easily be frozen or seized by a tax auditor.

Choosing to store your gold investments, be it bars or coins, within the banking system has further drawbacks as well, particularly fees and access. If you store your gold in a safe deposit box, the bank does not provide insurance coverage for it. Anytime you use a safe deposit box, you have to arrive during the bank’s business hours, which can be inconvenient. If you need access to your investments during a bank holiday or outside of the bank’s hours, you’re out of luck.

#3 Silver Gold Bull

If you have questions about storing your gold and silver here, contact us and we will answer all of your questions. Your precious metals are stored privately and securely, fully allocated and segregated from other deposits. When your precious metals are stored in one of our depository facilities, your gold is held in you name only, with no other party having a claim on your bullion. Storage accounts with Silver Gold Bull are fully insured and audited, and most importantly you are storing outside the banking system and are not subject to the counter party risks that exist within the banking system. Last but not least, you will also find that our rates are much lower and more competitive than you will find at the bank. There are ways to safely store your gold without compromising your access or ownership to it. Just ask us about how we provide our buyers with peace of mind.

September 12, 2017
Author: Silver Gold Bull