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Terrific Opportunities For Gold Investors As Trade War Looms

A trade war is brewing between the U.S. and China, and potentially with other economic blocs like the European Union as well. The current U.S. administration has made reducing trade deficits on goods a top priority, imposing steel tariffs against rivals and allies alike and aggressively renegotiating its free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. As the U.S. takes ever more extreme measures to eliminate a deeply unpopular trade deficit, tensions are ramping up as countries like China refuse to back down.

With the U.S. trade deficit at $56 billion in January 2018 alone, a trade war is increasingly likely, with both countries now enacting tariffs on imports. The U.S. is targeting Chinese steel and China has responded with tariffs on agricultural products and potentially aircraft. So far the numbers won’t significantly impact either of the world’s two largest economies, but an escalation could become severe.

What does all this have to do with gold? Markets have been responding very badly to the news that there’s a trade war brewing. Geopolitical tension and uncertainty on global markets mean investors are flocking toward safe haven assets and gold is the ultimate refuge for your money. Here at Silver Gold Bull we believe in the future potential of gold as an investment under any economic conditions. It has a place in every portfolio, but the current economic climate means the gold market should really be heating up. Why is gold such a safe haven?

Gold has an inverse relationship with stock markets; when stock markets panic, the spot price of gold tends to move in the opposite direction.

Gold always beats inflation; its value in relation to other goods like housing has remained remarkably steady over the last century.

Gold is a bet against currency; it’s value has been trusted by humanity for millennia and there’s little reason to suspect that would change in a monetary crisis.

Crisis tends to be a good thing for the prices of gold, but it’s important to get into the gold market before prices start their upward trend. It’s impossible to tell how high gold prices can go once they break past their resistance. A 1 ounce solid gold bar that today sells for around $1,350 USD today could sell for double or triple if gold repeats past trends. The problem is there’s no way of knowing and you don’t want to get into the market too late.

Instead of chasing after prices, buy gold now and get ready for anything. When you buy gold from Silver Gold Bull, you’re getting some of the lowest pri ces on the market. Combine low premiums with free shipping on orders over $500 and you can really start to save on gold.

With trade war on the horizon, investors are getting boxed into a corner. Gold is one of the few assets with a proven track record in times of crisis. Check out gold coins and gold bars in the Silver Gold Bull inventory to get through coming economic uncertainty. There’s always confidence in gold.

April 23, 2018