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At Silver Gold Bull, our content is researched, written, edited and reviewed by a team of financial experts with decades of experience in the precious metals industry. With each piece we write, we bring our own personal experience and expertise, while combining that with today's leading research and data. Our ultimate goal is to help extend our award-winning customer service to our educational content. Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable and informed when making investment decisions, regardless of whether that is with us or not. Thank you for being part of the Silver Gold Bull community. We really appreciate and value your trust in us.

Articles published by Silver Gold Bull Staff

7 Best Online Communities for Precious Metals Investors

The world of precious metals has changed significantly over the years. Whereas people once buried coins that we’re currently finding in ancient ruins, investors can now instantly buy digital gold for their portfolios. Technology has done wonders, and many precious metals online communities have emerged. Of course, there are over 1.7 billion websites on the…

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Are Silver-Proof Coins a Good Investment? A Buyer’s Guide

Silver investing has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Demand was rising even before the “Wall Street Silver” group kicked into high gear, and this has led to impressive returns on investment. If you’re new to this world, though, you’ll eventually encounter silver proof coins. When looking at these bullion offerings — particularly…

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Are Gold-Proof Coins a Good Investment? A Buyer’s Guide

When someone begins their journey in gold investment, they’re inundated with a wealth of information. This includes terms they’ve likely never heard and bullion options they didn’t know existed. One of the first things they discover, though, is the availability of gold proof coins. When researching the best gold coins to buy, proof options may…

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Are Gold-Plated Coins Worth Anything? Read This Before You Buy

If you've ever watched late-night infomercials or at-home shopping channels, you've no doubt encountered gold-plated coins. These are often sold with promises of a great investment. Even better, you can buy them at a fraction of the cost of gold bullion. So, is this the best way to invest in precious metals? Unfortunately, many people who…

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Buying Gold Coins From China: Everything You Should Know

After the success of the Krugerrand, many countries created their own bullion coins. The People’s Republic of China was an early adoptee, and their offerings quickly became popular. Now it’s nearly impossible to have a bullion conversation without discussing gold coins from China. With so many bullion options available, though, one might wonder why the…

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Why States Are Allowing Gold & Silver to be Used as Currency

When we think of currency, most people envision money directly from the U.S. Mint. This is a smart assumption, and it’s how the country worked up until relatively recently. An increasing number of states in recent years, however, have recognized gold and silver as currency. This growing movement has connections to the gold standard, “sound money”…

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Silver Maple Leaf vs. Silver Eagle: Which is a Better Investment?

One of the great things about silver investing is there’s no shortage of options. You can buy bullion bars, a massive array of coins, and even private mint rounds. If you’re seeking the most popular options, though, you may be torn between Silver Maple Leafs and Silver Eagles. Canada and America produce these coins, respectively, and…

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