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Purchase a Random Year $20 American Liberty Double Eagle Gold coin from our online store and enjoy the lowest price available, anywhere!

The American Eagle enjoys a distinguished reputation as one of the most iconic coins in both bullion and American history. Conceived in 1792, the first American gold eagle had a denominational value of $10, the highest unit of currency for the time. However, from 1849 until the final year of mintage in 1933, the United States released the “double eagle” a gold coin with a 22 Kt gold content and a $20 denominational value. This beautiful 1 oz, 22 Kt historical relic is being offered to you in “XF,” Extra fine condition meaning that your purchase while exhibiting only the most minor scratches and signs of wear.

Displayed on the obverse is the Lady Liberty adorned with a Phrygian Cap, with Liberty displayed in bold lettering. Liberty Eagles prior to 1907 featured the design of famed engraver, James Longacre and displayed the simple and effective effigy. Thirteen stars, indicative of the original thirteen colonies of the United States serve in place of a legend. The field of the coin remains blank, enhancing the beauty of the design, while the year of issue is seen below.

The reverse side experienced three renditions in the evolution of this coin, providing an exciting feature. From the years 1849-1866, the denomination read, “Twenty D.” And did not feature the official national motto, “In God We Trust.” From 1866-1876, the motto was included in addition to the denominational value, while from 1877-1907, the motto remained. Illustrated is the seal and emblem of a great nation, the United States Eagle, with its wings splayed as it upholds a shield emblazoned with the stars and stripes.

With such a high degree of historical value, the American Double Eagle is a sound addition to any portfolio for its numismatic content alone. Additionally, with an Extra Fine designation, your purchase will be received in one of the best conditions possible for such a historical coin. This coin is sure to go fast as it is highly sought after by investors and collectors alike. Build your wealth in ounces with the addition of a Random Year $20 American Double Eagle to your cart right now

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United States
U.S. Mint
USD 20
Lady Liberty encircled by 13 stars with the word "Liberty"
Heraldic eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch and the words "United States of America Twenty Dollars. In God We Trust"

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