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You will enjoy the lowest price, web-wide, when you purchase your Random Year 5 Ruble Russian Gold Coin from our online store!

The Russian empire was sustained by the Ruble, which circulated from 1897 until 1911. With a 90 percent gold composition, this historic coin maintains popularity among numismatic coin collectors for its crisp and classic design, which has endured through the centuries. The five ruble coin endured through tumultuous times, as the country transitioned into times of revolutionary change.

Illustrated on the obverse is the bust of Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. The field of the coin remains completely blank, with the legend reading, “By God’s Grace Nikolai Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia,” written in Russian lettering.

The reverse side contains a two-headed eagle adorned by a crown above, once again over a blank coin field. The two-headed eagle is the quintessential emblem of the Russian empire and has endured through the centuries. The Russian lettering reads, “5 rubles,” along with the coins year of issue.

The Russian gold Ruble is a coin with an extensive history behind it, as it has endured through the rise and fall of an empire. As a result, it will maintain high numismatic premiums, as it is sure to be sought after by collectors. Add a Random Year 5 Ruble Russian Gold Coin today to your holdings today!

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