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Obtain a 20 Mark Gold Coin from our online store for the lowest price available!

Struck in a 44 year period between 1871 and 1915 the 20 Mark Gold coin was the symbol of the strength of the German empire proceeding World War I. The German Mark enjoys a historical reputation as the emblem and the currency of the German Empire. Struck between the years of 1871 and 1915, the Mark was used to fuel the engine of industry and entrepreneurship, leading to exponential growth and the second-largest economy in the world. The German Mark features three different rulers over this short time-span. Wilhelm I, who perished at age 90, was briefly succeeded by his Son, Frederick who died 99 days after taking power. Wilhelm II succeeded Frederick took the reigns and led Germany into World War I

Your purchase will feature either the Monarch, Wilhelm I or Wilhelm II as the likeness of the obverse side. Each Monarch was pivotal in the development of the German Empire. The Monarch’s title serves as the legend, while the field remains blank.

The reverse features the crowned arms of the German Empire, the Imperial German Eagle or, Reichsadler. Centred, is a shield that bears the crest of Deutschland, while the nation and year of issue are also displayed.

Coins such as this are an excellent addition to any portfolio, due to their gold content and numismatic value.

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Wilhelm I or Wilhelm II
The Imperial German Eagle or, Reichsadler.

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