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This beautiful, colourized proof like coin set has vibrant colours, a highly polished appearance and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. The limited production of only 1500 sets worldwide mean that this is sure to become a prized item for both numismatic collectors and Star Trek fans.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine ran from 1993 to 1999. The series featured different themes compared to the previous Star Trek series, with much less exploration of physical space.

The obverse of both coins features the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "Queen Elizabeth II 1 Dollar Tuvalu 2015" and the artist's initials.

The reverse of one coin features actor Avery Brooks, in the role of Captain Benjamin Sisko. Sisko is pictured with the calm, commanding presence he brought to Deep Space 9 throughout the series.

The reverse of the other coin features a relief of Deep Space 9 majestically soaring over a colourized space scene. The wreath of laurel leaves surrounding the edges of the coin mimic the logo of the United Federation of Planets and were used in ancient Rome to symbolize victory. DS-9 was originally a Cardassian space station, which the Bajoran's invited the United Federation of Planets to administer control of after they gained their freedom from the Cardassians.

This set, like the original run of the series, is strictly limited, get yours today before they are all gone!

These coins comes in a unique coin container portraying the transporter on Deep Space 9. The container holds both coins with Deep Space 9 on top of the container and Captain Sisko sitting inside. When the door of the transporter opens, two lights are turned on, one surrounding the DS 9 coin on top of the container, and the other surrounding Captain Sisko so that he appears to be in the midst of beaming to his next adventure. The coin container is packed in a black collector's box featuring the Starfleet insignia super-imposed over an overhead view schematic image of Deep Space 9.

Brilliant uncirculated
Perth Mint
TV 1
Ian Rank Broadley (obverse), Jennifer McKenna (reverse)
Queen Elizabeth II effigy by Ian Rank-Broadley and the words "QUEEN ELIZABETH II TUVALU 2015 1 DOLLAR" and the artist`s initials"
Coin One: Colourized Captain Sisko pictured in the Star Fleet insignia. Overhead view relief of DS-9 and the words "Captain Benjamin Sisko". Coin Two: A relief of DS-9 superimposed over a colourized space scene.

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